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flat batteries …

28 Oct

  big day …dyslexic fingers…brain fade…eyes closing…

good nightsee you next time ….I’m 50Something and tired …. but I’m not dead yet !!!


how to age 50 years over-night …

29 Jun

What a huge weekend !!!

I know I made a commitment on Jan 1 to write ‘something’ EVERY day this year … but that was before I knew we would be throwing a ‘Fur & Flanno Farewell’ …. and throw we did !!!  It was one massive night and I managed to make it to bed sometime after 4.30am… so any blog thoughts would not have been terribly coherent.

It’s time to make up for some long overdue sleep ….and hopefully I can be inspired by something nonsensical again tomorrow… zzzzzz

Strange how I felt ’30Something’ last night and woke up ’80Something’….


Image 5 Feb

sorry … but tonight I am just …

too tired

and my fingers feel dyslexic