the halo effect

7 Jan

We all know it (well at least all of us ‘50 somethings’ do)…that dreaded moment you look closely in the mirror when putting the final touches on, and you see it…. the dreaded halo!!! You know…. that sneaky silver shadow that circumnavigates your hair line. How is it that it just seems to appear overnight with no warning?? One minute you are coloured to your roots, feeling in complete control, tP1080978hen bingo …the next day there is half a centimetre of glow, but not the kind that makes you look angelic.

But wait, it gets worse….there is nothing more scary  than discovering the said halo effect smack in the middle of your loved and trusted hairdresser moving on, forcing you to face the terrifying thought of breaking in a new one…in a hurry!!!  Only a woman can understand that your hairdresser sits right up there next to your gp, gynaecologist and god, when it comes to implicit faith.

So… how DO you know where to go when you are cut adrift?

And when you DO finally find someone, how long does it take to get past thinking that they will never be as good as the last?     

Since ‘going short’ 2 years ago, I have developed an incredibly close bond with the lovely Richelle fact visiting her every 3 weeks has meant I saw her more than most of my family. We have shared the good the bad and the ugly when it comes to life events… we’ve laughed and we’ve cried, but now (good on her) she is getting on with her own life…and I’m left with nothing but a halo!


One Response to “the halo effect”

  1. cathtinny January 8, 2014 at 3:22 am #

    So true about your hairdresser – when you find a good one. Your hair always looks amazing Lou …. Hope you manage to find a good hairdresser youre happy with very soon. You summed up my hair halo now 3 weekly experience perfectly!

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