viagara ….and the old fella

8 Jan

Well here we are tonight P1120315surrounded by an auditorium full of baby boomers…. and listening to a stand up comedian wax lyrical about all things ‘middle age’. It’s hilarious  EXCEPT for the fact that I look around the room and think OMG   I am NOT as old as all these people …am I ??

The men with balding heads (and muffin tops spilling over their collars) … the women who look tired, and like the essence of their life has been sucked right out of them!!! … I’m trapped in a moment of dread and question …where DO I fit??

I know that it is right and proper that we pass the baton to the next generation… but somehow I still dread the idea that I have been relinquished to the pile of nondescript middle aged women who just blend into the background …like white noise.  Don’t get me wrong … I equally fear being seen as ‘mutton dressed as lamb’  … you know, one of those women who insist on dressing like their daughters (or worse still…. their granddaughters) … BUT I’m not quite ready for the twinset  and pearls or ‘sensible clothes’ that are befitting of a ‘woman my age’ …whatever that means !!

I’m 50 something … but not dead yet !!!


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