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cosmic or coincidental ….?

3 Nov

I know that I tend to recycle some themes in my daily ramble….clearly they are the things that get under my skin or amuse me, the most … but none more than ‘what are the chances’?what are the chances

Call it cosmic or coincidental, these moments of bizarre serendipity seem to find me in  the most peculiar situations; and this past week has been no different. I have been haunted by Mormons – (I mentioned the word once in the morning only to have no less than 5 Mormon moments during that day). Then on Saturday evening I was googling rather randomly and I searched a  somewhat famous person … only to have a news report about him come on the TV the minute I hit ‘search’. Weird ???

To top it off…, last week no matter what time I travelled to work listening to trashy morning radio, I caught a repeat of the same program segments on my return trip (in the ‘highlights section’)  ….That in itself is not so strange I guess, until you consider that each time I was in EXACTLY the same location on the road (just headed in the opposite direction).

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