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cosmic or coincidental ….?

3 Nov

I know that I tend to recycle some themes in my daily ramble….clearly they are the things that get under my skin or amuse me, the most … but none more than ‘what are the chances’?what are the chances

Call it cosmic or coincidental, these moments of bizarre serendipity seem to find me in  the most peculiar situations; and this past week has been no different. I have been haunted by Mormons – (I mentioned the word once in the morning only to have no less than 5 Mormon moments during that day). Then on Saturday evening I was googling rather randomly and I searched a  somewhat famous person … only to have a news report about him come on the TV the minute I hit ‘search’. Weird ???

To top it off…, last week no matter what time I travelled to work listening to trashy morning radio, I caught a repeat of the same program segments on my return trip (in the ‘highlights section’)  ….That in itself is not so strange I guess, until you consider that each time I was in EXACTLY the same location on the road (just headed in the opposite direction).

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I know you’ve heard it before … BUT…what ARE the chances???

20 Jun

I never cease to be amazed as the serendipitous moments in every single day …. (no I haven’t had too much to drink although I do sit here with my Friday night wine)… But as I have ‘matured’ into a ’50Something’ …( kind of like a good cheese), I am constantly in awe of those strange and special  ‘pleasant surprises’.

I have pondered in the past that synchronicty is amazing… BUT only if you notice it.

If we are all running around with our heads up our bums and completely self absorbed, we are guaranteed to miss these quirky and seemingly meaningless messages that remind us ‘all is good in the world’ (well…. maybe not “all” good, but life could be a lot worse for most of us).

Anyway, at the risk of rambling (and sounding lime a complete ‘nutter’… a couple of things have happened these past few days that prompt this odd post.


The first one was randomly emailing a very dear friend, and as I hit the ‘send’ button … I received an email from that exact same friend … same moment in time and very similar sentiment!! Yep a little weird, and very lovely… but probably not ALL that amazing to many of you.

But how about this ? …..Driving home tonight … in the dark and cold, and I’m getting a little warm and fuzzy as my mind wanders to planning a rather significant family farewell celebration for next weekend. As I ponder the impact of #1 son and his beautiful partner moving to the other side of the world … I pass a car with a CAM numberplate (yep, that would be his name). I smile and remember that we will never be too far apart !

Then… as if that’s not enough, within the next 30 minutes on the road I pass ‘MYK‘ (Mr 50 Something)  and ALI (#1 daughter) … WOAH!… (now this is starting to get a little weird).  All I can say is thank god I read number plates !!!

So… what ARE the chances ???…