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…it’s a small world after all ….

22 Nov

So… because last night was too hot to handle …. I can now share yesterday’s bizarre ‘what are the chances’ moment.

We constantly hear how social media has impacted on or worlds …. for both good and evil… but there is no doubt that we are better networked than in any time past. Let me explain ….

Each of these last two Fridays, I have been approached but 2 completely random ‘strangers’ and asked if I was Louise ? (I should have replied no I’m 50something but not dead yet..but I didn’t)…In both cases I was completely stunned to discover that each of these people ‘knew’ and recognised me from facebook.  networked

One was someone I had engaged in long exchanges over our shared vocal ‘challenges’ … but never ‘met’ in the flesh; while the other was someone from back in high school who recognised me from a shared school contact list … AND as it turns out has worked in and around the same workplace as me for years… yet our paths had never crossed.

In both cases I was impressed at their boldness to ask, and their identification skills, which made me wonder if I was completely unobservant (or…. they don’t share current profile pics …) .. So yes...’it IS a small world after all’.



cosmic or coincidental ….?

3 Nov

I know that I tend to recycle some themes in my daily ramble….clearly they are the things that get under my skin or amuse me, the most … but none more than ‘what are the chances’?what are the chances

Call it cosmic or coincidental, these moments of bizarre serendipity seem to find me in  the most peculiar situations; and this past week has been no different. I have been haunted by Mormons – (I mentioned the word once in the morning only to have no less than 5 Mormon moments during that day). Then on Saturday evening I was googling rather randomly and I searched a  somewhat famous person … only to have a news report about him come on the TV the minute I hit ‘search’. Weird ???

To top it off…, last week no matter what time I travelled to work listening to trashy morning radio, I caught a repeat of the same program segments on my return trip (in the ‘highlights section’)  ….That in itself is not so strange I guess, until you consider that each time I was in EXACTLY the same location on the road (just headed in the opposite direction).

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Go figure !!







what’s in a name ?

5 Jun

namesTonight’s nonsense is one of those stories that sound to odd to be real… but I swear on my keyboard it is the truth…. trust me I’m a Nurse…(well I was once).

Here we go…

You probably recall learning that WAY BACK that surnames originated from your occupation …  if you made barrels you surname would become Cooper, if you played with wood you would likely become known as Carpenter, if you were part of the constabulary you might be called a Constable…. I’m sure you get the picture.

But I wonder how that translates in the modern world … I mean is our name a self fulfilling prophecy ??


Back in my school days I knew of a woodwork teacher called Mr Nailor, and a technical drawing teacher called Mr Drew. Later when I went nursing I met a girl called Joy Nurse.. (true) and what’s even funnier is that she was awarded “Nurse of the Year” so she became Nurse Nurse~ Nurse of the Year…then graduated and became Sister Nurse (yep..that’s telling, … but I remember I AM 50 Something)…. No doubt the list goes on … But why am I writing this ???

Well…because you see, today I sent an email to make an enquiry about the cost of  hiring a ‘snow machine’ (but that’s another story)… I near fell over when the reply came from Dean Sunshine …. SERIOUSLY!! (see the screen snip from my inbox).

dean sunshine

Now I just wonder if he got into snow because of …or in spite of… his name ???  Either way it was the highlight of my otherwise dull day, so thanks Mr Sunshine, you made me smile.


what are the chances? ….encore edition

24 Feb

WATCSome of you regulars will recall me pondering the world of coincidence and synchronicity in  ‘what ARE the chances?”  (9th May 2013)…..well I again I find myself reflecting on the world of ‘chance Vs  master plan’.

Never fear … I’m not about to get all religious on you and say that it’s God’s  will… because that’s not the way I roll…. (BUT if religion is you thing then sure ….feel free to run with it).

My point is that there are just so many things going on lately,  that feel so much bigger than ‘chance’… The planets appear to be aligned and I can’t help but wonder what’s going on.

Just over a month ago on the 20th January, I wrote about the fear of becoming a bag lady. In that post I happened to comment on the fact that I had just discovered I was still carry around a map of New York City from our visit in 2012 (still unsure why I had not chucked it or at least removed it from my bag).

One month later I receive a phone call telling me that I have WON a trip to New York City!!

The following weekend ‘Mr 50 Something’ attended a school reunion. Over that weekend I mention to him that I should get my act together and organise a reunion of MY school buddies.

The very next day  I received a facebook message inviting me TO A SCHOOL REUNION!!

As well as these examples of curious coincidence …there have been a whole bunch of quirky work related flukes over the past 6 weeks (way too boring to list)…. enough to make me think that someone much smarter than me, is driving my bus. …and I’m just enjoying the ride.