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cashing in on Cupid

12 Feb

When did Valentines Day become reason for yet another ‘sale’ ?cupid 2

Like many of you  (I’m guessing)… every single day my inbox fills with ‘special deals’…, ‘offers too good to refuse’…, ‘bargains’ and ‘golden opportunities’. I quickly scan before highlighting blocks of them and hitting the all powerful ‘delete’ button.

Very occasionally, my attention is captured and I can’t resist being drawn in …perhaps even buying the odd dinner deal or gift voucher. BUT, these last few days have seen Valentine’s Day specials popping up all over the place. Discount gifts to express your love… delivered to your door at the click of a button.

Tell me ….what Valentine in his/her right mind would buy you a new set of saucepans?? …or pavement cleaning??  …and why is 14th Feb the time to “get romantic in a new pair of heels” ?  LOL the mind boggles at that one.

I’m just wondering what marketing giant thought up these crazy gift ideas?

IF you really feel compelled to tell someone you care… go and buy a Hallmark greeting card  (or you could sms, tweet, facebook, facetime, skype or instagram them).

Finally here’s a  tip from this ’50 something’ cupid…DON’T go the saucepans, or you could end up wearing them.



first world birthday dilemmas

13 Jan

Ok so what do you do when you simply run out of ideas? …Birthday gift ideas that is.

After celebrating 35 Christmas’ …35 birthdays… and 33 anniversaries…not to mention the random acts of gift giving in between,  I have finally drawn a blank when it comes to that special treat for my ‘50 something’ man. The 103+ presents to date have ranged from practical to creative and at times completely useless (I remember the 2 ton pet rock for the garden in 1995),  and from thrifty to extravagant. P1090245But today I could think of  nothing!!! nought, zip, zero.

Why is it that are men are just so hard to buy for ?… He either has it, (or simply doesn’t need or want it) or is fussy and too hard to please.  Yet on the other hand women are so easy (they can NEVER have too much jewellery or perfume).

One year I even tried the World Vision ‘water wells for a village’ approach …mmm, while it made me feel good it probably missed the mark just a little (lucky I didn’t go for the goat).

Sigh…perhaps it’s time to revisit to old days of sock and undies with the odd hankie thrown in (actually, come to think of it …does anyone even use hankies these days?)