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what’s in a label ?

6 Aug

How good is it, when one you score that perfect piece of clothing …. and you’re not even looking ? Not like that endless search for the ‘dream dress’, when you know exactly what you want and can’t find it ……I mean those opportunistic moments when you just ‘see it and have to try it on ‘ … and then you do,  AND it actually fits like a glove!!!

The dilemma begins …….Do I or  Don’t I ? – The voice in your head saying ‘no you don’t NEED another jacket’ ... and the other voice shouts ‘but it’s perfect’.shopping2

So, off I go for a long lunch and a bit more shopping to quell the voices, but I’m compelled to return right on closing time and try it once more. Then it happened.

You all know it ….it’s a familiar scene…the echoes of the shop assistant and other women in the change room all oozing compliments, and ‘you just HAVE to buy it’ ... bla bla bla.

The dilemma remained, and THEN I saw the tag …. it was XS ….. me ? extra small? that’s ridiculous.

But that’s when I realise it’s a ‘curvy girls’ store so I  guess that makes sense …. and bang my decision is made  I NEED to buy it, clearly that label matters.

Oh what complex creatures we are . .. (well dressed …but complex)




3 strikes…

10 Jun

Funny how suddenly out of the blue you can have a bizarre and strange run of good luck…luck

This time last week I was feeling more than a little ‘blah’ then it all changed … I opened my on-line scrabble game and my tiles had been dealt spelling me a 7 letter word without any need for thinking… SCORE !!! 100points !

Next day I put on a jacket to find $20 in the pocket…obviously tucked away safely since last winter…SCORE!!! $20 !

Finally, last night cleaning the accumulated road-rip rubbish from the floor of the car after our weekend away,  I reach under the seat to discover my work I.D badge that’s been lost for months …SCORE !!! (priceless given the hospital security that’s encoded…and my devastation at the thought of needing to report it lost…oops).

I wonder if I should buy a lottery ticket ?




the sky’s the limit

1 Feb

Yesterday  I was driving between offices  when I noticed some graffiti going on … Not on a fence or a wall but on the clear blue sky.  The perfect background became the canvas for a touching and personal message to D.K, who is clearly no longer with us… BUT it immediately struck me that sign-P1120591writing with a jet, is a rather extravagant and inexact  way to get your sentiment across.

The more I watched it unfold (while driving carefully of course) my mind began to boggle.

How DO they do it ? I mean it’s hard enough to write straight on a piece of paper without any lines ….so imagine being in a plane and trying to get your letters to line up, and be legible.

Then there is the timing …if the message is long, the  start is almost ‘on its way out’  before the sentence is finished…and what about the wind ??  It would really give you the shits if you got half way and the wind picked up and blew it all away.

What fascinated me even more with this particular message was that while it was being created  it looked like group of horizontal lines one above the other …THEN 5 minutes later  when I arrived at my stop and looked up it was clearly visible across the sky as “I’ll be missing U”.

HOW ? did the wind blow it into position? or did the earth rotate in that 5minutes? or did I just move to look at it from a different angle?                                                     

I have NO idea how it works … but I guess the dear departed D.K is lucky to have someone creative, clever and wealthy enough to make such a grand… but temporary statement on the sky.