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office politics

8 Jul

kitchen sink

Cohabitation is a tricky deal wherever it happens. But more often than not… at least in our domestic worlds, we have choices; unlike the office where people of all shapes, sizes, religious and political persuasions are thrust together and expected to share space and tolerate habits.

Now for the most part I have worked in a harmonious environment that functions a bit like an extended (if somewhat dysfunctional) family. We don’t always see the world through the same glasses, but that’s not a bad thing really after all we are an eclectic and fairly tight bunch …on the whole.

However that doesn’t mean that there is never any domestic disharmony … there’s plenty. The kitchen clean-up is the one bone of contention that never ever goes away, but at the moment the other issue is space…. open-plan or closed off ? who sits where? who is noisy and who needs quiet ? who likes the air con on and who prefers windows open ? the list goes on…and on….and on ….. as we make room for a bunch of new people to move in.

It’s so funny how just ONE new person can change the dynamic of an office … (and when you consider it we’ve had quite a few changes and people coming and going lately )…so there is a definite sense of chaos ….and I don’t cope well with chaos! Spontaneity is awesome, but chaos is disastrous…especially when accompanied by noise!!

(can you tell that  I’m ’50Something’… but not dead yet?)




a hallmark moment …

2 Jul

I never cease to be amazed by the random interactions that occur when you least expect them (I guess that’s why they’re ‘random’)….

Anyway, today I was minding my own business, browsing in a department store, and all of a sudden this woman appeared at my side….and launched into …

“excuse me, my son turns 18 tomorrow…. what card should I buy for him”? …… as she presented me with three to choose from.

I was completely stunned, and immediately wondered ‘what the hell’??? before helping her rule out two of the three cards in her hand, by asking ...

(Q)’is he a funny guy’?…(A) NO

(Q) is he a very conservative young man’?…(A) NO

BINGO!!! we were left with a fairly safe but contemporary looking hallmark creation which was sure not to offend …. that was…until she opened it to discover the inside leaf had been inserted upside down. While this appealed to my sense of humour….and really fitted with the bizarreness of this encounter … she was not impressed, so off she headed back to the ‘card section’ leaving me wondering what on earth just happened.

I went back to my business, but 10 minutes later she came running to me at the cash register, just to prove that she found the ‘right’ card…with the insert in correct position…PHEW it was great to know that all was good in the world again (lets just hope that ‘Mr 18year old’ appreciates his Mum’s efforts tomorrow).



pardon me if I repeat myself

12 Apr

…and I could (repeat myself that is) …with yet another public toilet adventure that happened today …. BUT I wont.

What I do want to talk about is our crazy habit of giving towns double (repeat word names) … Here I am tonight in Wagga Wagga.. yet all Aussies that I know, call it Wagga, and somehow when I hear the whole title I think people are trying to be funny, or mock the place..

When I left the airport  and was 5 mins down the road and came across the town (well call it a town  at a stretch …)gumly gumlyI was prompted to investigate. So… having settled into my hotel room, I resisted the urge to prepare myself for day 1 of Uni tomorrow and instead I consulted Mr Google about this silly name thing…. I was astonished to find that there are over 60 Australian locations whose names are duplicate words.

Not surprisingly many of them are Aboriginal names and apparently the reduplication is an indication of emphasis (if Wagga means crow then Wagga Wagga means MANY crows.. ) BUT what I don’t get is why we pick and choose which ones to abbreviate to one word … I mean why do we all call Wagga Wagga Wagga … but we don’t call Woy Woy, Woy??.

So many questions and so few answers …



time to celebrate …

10 Apr


Today marks a milestone … the 100th post in my 365day blog challenge…(and I thought I would be lucky to make the first month).

So…what have I learned in the process ???

  • not to overthink it, trying too hard will definitely lead to brain block.
  • if I  think it …probably others will too (even though they may not yet realise).
  • not to take myself too seriously,  there are plenty of people out there searching for the meaning of life and the universe.
  • that it doesn’t really matter if no-one reads it… (although it’s great to know when they do) … its really just about getting those words out of my head (to make room for more)
  • that I really DO love windows



Here’s to the next 265 days…. thanks for coming on the ride.




say what ???

1 Mar

subwayWhen I was young(er) I was always under the impression that people who walked the streets talking to themselves where candidates for the psych  unit…you know ‘mad’ !!! In fact I recall someone from my school days who regularly spoke to telegraph  poles, and was subsequently being “managed” for odd behaviour…. Yet these days it’s a whole different ballgame.

Walking the streets of NYC I have been witness to SO many one sided conversations…. loud animated and without any obvious respondent. …BUT connected to someone somewhere…..not that you would know it at first glance, because ear plugs have become a fashion accessory, often tucked inside woolly ear muffs….and the handpieces themselves are stowed away on coat pockets, so really there is little to alert the onlooker that there is even a phone involved.

Today I got the inside story on domestic disharmony in one household… the poorly organised financial arrangements of a woman’s (adult) offspring in another…  and the highs and lows of a teenage love affair.

All on a 5 minute subway trip….who needs TV for entertainment when you can live it ?


up up and away…

26 Feb

There’s no place like an airport for watching people. .. (although I do love a hospital foyer too).airport

Actually ‘I love to watch’ any-time, but there is something extra special about an airport. The extremes of emotion as  people return… arrive…. or depart; and the back stories that you never know, BUT are great to make up.

You know the sort of thing (pondering) I bet they are …”honeymooners” …”a wealthy tycoon” …. “a celebrity” …OR…  is she a  “mail-order bride”?

It’s also a great place to study travel fashion and ‘how NOT to dress’ on a long haul flight….and to wonder …how DO some people emerge from that tunnel looking like they just stepped out of the shower, and yet others look like they’ve been sleeping in a park bench for a week.

I reckon if I had a favourite place to ‘hang out’ and watch the passing parade …this would be it.

(But it’s even better when I actually get to board a plane and become one of them).