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hitting the wrong key….

4 Dec

These past few days , I’ve had a bit of a fascination with….wait for it … ‘keyboards’.comptometrist

Not the musical variety …but the highly functional communication tool that’s allowing me to write this. I have no idea what prompted it  (well actually I might know) … but since tuning in to this fascination … it seems I am being haunted by them…. (keyboards that is).

Since caving to the world of gadgetry and purchasing  my phabulous phablet  last week, I’m reminded that if I’m writing anything longer than 2 lines……..I would rather use a ‘thumbnail dipped in tar’ than type on a touch screen keyboard. It’s silly I know, but there is something comforting knowing that  I can feel and hear the clicking of the keys. …and the tactile aspect is  so much more ‘real’than tapping on a sheet of glass !!

Which brings me to the functional part …how DOES that sheet of glass translate that little ‘tap’  into letters on the screen. I mean …just stop and really think about it ? It is quite amazing technology …but it almost makes me forgive my ‘not so smart’ phone for it’s poor spelling and grammar.

The more you contemplate the humble keyboard the more there is to wonder, ponder and appreciate really….. like ‘why ARE the keys on a qwerty keyboard arranged the way they are’ ? and what key is used the most (tip have a look at the most shiny and faded one) ….. and how often should you actually clean your key board ??? (and how ???)  …..the list goes on.

I began to wonder why I was so fascinated…. and it suddenly occurred to me that it must be genetic. My Mum was a Comptomotrist way back in the 1940’s  ….busily tapping holes in cardboard 8 hours each day …. bet she didn’t use a ‘smart anything’ to help her ….just  good old fashioned  and clunky keys.




big brother navigates…or does he?

7 Jul

My, how times are changing. The days of the humble street directory are fast vanishing along with telephone books and post offices. Don’t misinterpret this as a necessarily negative thing…just a puzzling phenomenon that makes me wonder what comes next.

So… Today I had a giggle when driving through a suburban street and I passed a car with a ‘super tall’ camera strapped to its roof. As it slowly navigated lawnmowerthe narrow roadways, it was recording the street view for ‘one or another‘ satellite navigation system. How strange to think the guy mowing the lawn minus his shirt will be captured in cyberspace and pop up when anyone googles that humble household.

But  you’ve got to admit the whole ‘sat-nav’ thing is pretty amazing technology… and something that many of us have come to love….(even with those crazy cyborg voices). BUT don’t be fooled, those small talking screens don’t know everything …even when they think they do.

satnav3Last night we were weaving through the cold, dark, city streets of Sydney, when our ‘not-so-friendly’ autopilot insisted that we turn right at a no-right-turn intersection…The instructions came fast and furious to ‘make a legal U turn’ … (now YOU try THAT on Oxford Street !) …A quick whip around the block resolved the issue with no guidance other than our own sense of direction (and ‘Sally Sat-Nav’ still yelling at us).

The morals of the story are… (1) make sure you are dressed and have your lippy on when gardening…and (2) don’t blindly trust ‘Sally Sat-Nav’…you never know when she will lead you astray!

(but some of us ’50Something’ women are like that!)


the world according to Homer

16 May

The whole concept of satellite navigation systems is hard for dohmy tiny brain to grasp. I mean, who has the job of entering every new street and every building into the data base ?… and who teaches Siri (or in our case….Homer) how  to say all these new names?

Homer Simpson has been living inside our tiny Tom Tom for years…He has steered us around town with remarkable accuracy…made small talk… and even  ad libbed the odd joke (albeit with a really annoying voice)

… but HOW does he know where to go?

I just wonder ….?