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defying gravity ….

1 Oct

A couple of weeks back I announced the war against backfat and I’m happy to report I’m winning!!! It’s shrinking in bucket-loads and there only a small amount of residual bra-strap ooze to be dealt with. sagging-breasts

But it’s got me wondering about all the other drooping bits and how we 50something’s can defy gravity and restore them to their correct location…

Is it wrong to want  the perk back on my pectorals and  and the bounce back in my butt? Sadly both seem to be heading south at a great rate, never to return ……Unless perhaps I start a trend and take to permanent inversion…. …Imagine that. And it opens up a whole new market for the latest fashion accessory…. ‘hand-shoes…  the must have item for women defying gravity’.

So whose with me ?





grey matters…

14 Aug

brainI do get, that along with the ageing process, comes change….and that nothing quite looks or feels the way it used to…BUT what find hard to reconcile, is the rate that things ‘fall out’ of my brain these days.

I know  I’m not alone in admitting that I often walk from one room to the other and forget what I was going for … needing to re-trace my steps to start all over again. Thank goodness I work with quite a few ’50somethings’ who share my problem …. (now, that creates a great picture eh? all these middle aged office workers scratching their heads and walking in circles) …. but we DO get things done.

However the really tricky one is remembering peoples names for more than 10 seconds. I have begun to wonder if I am just plain inattentive?… if there is too much going on in my head?…. OR if I have brain damage? (at least THAT would explain what’s going on).

The other day  I caught up with a couple of interstate colleagues that I hadn’t met previously. I was pretty sure that I had their names all sorted after months of emailing …. BUT, having chatted over coffee for a while, I then went to introduce them to some of the crew … and I drew a complete blank !!! I had NOTHING!!  ZIP!! ZERO!!

Thankfully they were of  ‘similarly maturity’ and we all laughed about it … but seriously???? where did those names go ?

I wonder if we just cram so much in,  that our brain becomes like a computer hard drive that needs  a defrag… before it crashes…. (think it’s time for some maintenance).


120 years young…

13 Jun

It’s Friday 13th, and all things considered it’s been a good day.

I am excited to report to those who have been following my vocal challenge, that I have more consistent voice today than I can remember having in years…. Now that may not seem TOO exciting to others … BUT for me it’s like winning the lottery !!! I think we can safely say that the most recent  procedure (see “ice cream fixes everything” a couple of weeks back) has been a modest success.

But tonight I am giving it some serious rest… because tomorrow we need to party …TWICE !!

We will be celebrating 120 years of life ~ 60 at lunchtime then another 60 in the evening (I’m feeling  tired already) … but it suddenly struck me today “how on earth did I get to have friends who are turning SIXTY”?

mum n dad

I remember when my Mum and Dad were 60  … Mum with her compulsory curly perm and Dad in his grey ‘slacks’ and cardi. They were sensible and responsible… and ‘oh-so-old’ ….(talking pension plans and false teeth)… a far cry from our ‘new-age 60 year olds who are  still deciding what they want to do when they grow up.

Wishing happy beginnings to my 2 fabulous  Hexagenarian friends

(remember…you’re 60 something …but you’re not dead yet)