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round the S bend…

20 Oct

A little toilet tale with a twist …. I’m not complaining about lack of loo paper or failing pelvic floor muscles, nor am I commenting on the cost of inflation hitting the humble toilet roll …. or any other cubicle contemplation for that matter.loo cleaner 2No… tonight it’s all about cleaning…and where is YOUR  line in the sand ?

After a good squirt of sweet smelling, disinfectant that’s guaranteed to ‘give your bowl that extra sparkle’... I proceeded to  giving it a good scrub. BUT in my enthusiasm, I lost the lid of the cleaning gel in the loo.

Without a moment of hesitation, I dived my bare hand in to retrieve said lid, before it vanished around the S bend …where it would be guaranteed to cause harm to our enviro-cycle.

It was a completely selfless rescue, no second thoughts at all, but it did make me wonder who would shake my hand if they knew?




defying gravity ….

1 Oct

A couple of weeks back I announced the war against backfat and I’m happy to report I’m winning!!! It’s shrinking in bucket-loads and there only a small amount of residual bra-strap ooze to be dealt with. sagging-breasts

But it’s got me wondering about all the other drooping bits and how we 50something’s can defy gravity and restore them to their correct location…

Is it wrong to want  the perk back on my pectorals and  and the bounce back in my butt? Sadly both seem to be heading south at a great rate, never to return ……Unless perhaps I start a trend and take to permanent inversion…. …Imagine that. And it opens up a whole new market for the latest fashion accessory…. ‘hand-shoes…  the must have item for women defying gravity’.

So whose with me ?