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which way ???

23 Nov

…sometimes the simplest things amuse me…


…it’s a small world after all ….

22 Nov

So… because last night was too hot to handle …. I can now share yesterday’s bizarre ‘what are the chances’ moment.

We constantly hear how social media has impacted on or worlds …. for both good and evil… but there is no doubt that we are better networked than in any time past. Let me explain ….

Each of these last two Fridays, I have been approached but 2 completely random ‘strangers’ and asked if I was Louise ? (I should have replied no I’m 50something but not dead yet..but I didn’t)…In both cases I was completely stunned to discover that each of these people ‘knew’ and recognised me from facebook.  networked

One was someone I had engaged in long exchanges over our shared vocal ‘challenges’ … but never ‘met’ in the flesh; while the other was someone from back in high school who recognised me from a shared school contact list … AND as it turns out has worked in and around the same workplace as me for years… yet our paths had never crossed.

In both cases I was impressed at their boldness to ask, and their identification skills, which made me wonder if I was completely unobservant (or…. they don’t share current profile pics …) .. So yes...’it IS a small world after all’.


melting moment

21 Nov

too hot

…sorry can’t see for the sweat dripping n my eyes…


x-ray vision

20 Nov

X-Rays… what does one do with the family collection ??? x-ray

When searching for a particular ‘recent’ happy snap, I plundered my way through a pile of films wondering why on earth I have them.  After all, Dad died 14 years ago and Mum 6 years … and it seems that their X-ray booty was part of my inheritance, so it feels wrong to put them ‘in the bin’.

Then there are the regular pics of my spine from every angle…. and Mr 50Something’s chronic old (now new) knees…

We have a pile of pics capturing the most intimate shots of the most intimate body bits… and it made me think there must be a better way. In this day of ‘e’ everything I can’t imagine why all images are not stored in cyberspace without the need to print anything….

So what do we do with them ?

Well, I recently discovered that one radiology practice now offers a collection point for disposal… but, now that I’ve found it, I wonder if I can actually  bring myself to ditch these personal and intimate family memoirs ???


when sharing’s not caring …

19 Nov

I’ve made no secret of my interest in people watching. Not in any creepy way… just observing some of the more mundane human interactions and seeing some of the oddness and curiosity.

This afternoon I stopped in the supermarket briefly, grabbed a few things and headed to the fast lane for a quick escape. But alas, I was trapped behind a 40 Something woman who was regaling the poor pimply faced ‘check-out lad’  with every detail of her day.

We heard about the pest controller that was late, the electricity bill that was too expensive, the kids special day at  school, what she was cooking for the family …. bla bla bla.bla bla

At first I thought she knew the poor guy, but no …. they were total strangers….and he did a great job of feigning interest …despite looking squirmy and uncomfortable. But but what WAS she thinking as she created a backlog of irritable shoppers…., and bored the poor guy to death? .

All I wanted was to  pay for my fish and get out  intact.



nailing it …

18 Nov

I thought it was going to be a really bad day … I love being wrong (sometimes).

Now this may sound trite and somewhat ridiculous, but as I was leaving the house to head to work …I broke a nail  !!!!

Alright …I can  hear you a sigh as you ask what the hell I am on about… but here’s the thing, I have never been able to grow decent fingernails. From the time I started working as a Nurse @ 17years of age, my hands have looked like they belong to a labourer, with nothing nice about them at all.fingernail 2

However… since starting my super healthy detox routine 12 or so weeks ago, not only has the back fat melted…. BUT my hair is growing (way too fast) and my nails are in better shape than I can remember.

So having carefully cultivated and preened my pinkies, I was devastated to catch one on the car door ripping a decent crack in all my hard work.There was nothing else to do, other than contact work to say I would be in late ….and I headed straight to the nail bar (almost worthy of ‘000’ and flashing lights ). Then, with a quick glance and a flick of the magic glue the young nail technician restored my momentary catastrophe back to order so efficiently, that you would never know it ever happened.

Good old super glue can fix anything ….and I wasn’t late for work after all !!



facing it ……

17 Nov

Sadly there is no pretending that we are still young ….. but most of us have an image of ourselves at a ‘certain age’aging and cling to that as our default….I recall a conversation with Mum @ age 75, she said that she still actually felt 30, until she looked in the mirror.  It’s just a slow and gradual process…. and let’s face it everyone around us is aging at the same rate so it kind of sneaks up on you.

That is, until…you bump into a friend you haven’t seen for years and suddenly wonder what on earth is wrong with them because they look so …umm…well….OLD!! 

Or… like me today, you pass a woman walking her child to school, and when you look a little closer, you realise that she was the little girl you used to see in kindergarten reading groups and serve lunch in the school canteen…ouch !!

It’s a sneaky and sinister process, and time to reflect today as yet another of my friends clicks over into their 7th decade … While I’m still desperately clinging to my mid 50’s, one by one, my friends are hitting that next  BIG Birthday….and I sit here still wondering …how DID that happen ?? (but I guess it’s better that the alternative)

Happy Birthday to all my sexagenarian friends ….mmm, maybe there’s a hint in there that life is spicy in your 60’s.