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baffled by choice …

22 Jun

Today I am wondering how the simplest of tasks can become so complicated ?

I stopped off at the supermarket to quickly grab a few things …and remembered that I was low on shampoo.

shampoo 2I normally grab it when I’m at the hairdressers, but thought it was time to try something different ….(and, after all, I was right there). So, I headed to the toiletries aisle and paused with shock in front of the colourful rows of shampoos and conditioners. Shelf after shelf of every conceivable flavour, fragrance and function…. how on earth was I to know what I wanted?

There were shampoos for …coloured hair, permed hair, straight hair, curly hair, hair that shampoo 1needs lift, hair that needs settling, frizz free, tangle free, added body, …. then there were the added bonus’s … extra lift, extra shine, extra light, extra clean (isn’t THAT the point?) ….and the we need to find the companion conditioner …. geeeze who would have every thought is could be so hard  ?

Whatever happened to the simple days of a sunlight soap hair-wash every Sunday ?



no words left …

21 Jun

been writing all day and I’m

 too tired

so…see you tomorrow

(I’m 50 something …and tired …but not dead yet)

I know you’ve heard it before … BUT…what ARE the chances???

20 Jun

I never cease to be amazed as the serendipitous moments in every single day …. (no I haven’t had too much to drink although I do sit here with my Friday night wine)… But as I have ‘matured’ into a ’50Something’ …( kind of like a good cheese), I am constantly in awe of those strange and special  ‘pleasant surprises’.

I have pondered in the past that synchronicty is amazing… BUT only if you notice it.

If we are all running around with our heads up our bums and completely self absorbed, we are guaranteed to miss these quirky and seemingly meaningless messages that remind us ‘all is good in the world’ (well…. maybe not “all” good, but life could be a lot worse for most of us).

Anyway, at the risk of rambling (and sounding lime a complete ‘nutter’… a couple of things have happened these past few days that prompt this odd post.


The first one was randomly emailing a very dear friend, and as I hit the ‘send’ button … I received an email from that exact same friend … same moment in time and very similar sentiment!! Yep a little weird, and very lovely… but probably not ALL that amazing to many of you.

But how about this ? …..Driving home tonight … in the dark and cold, and I’m getting a little warm and fuzzy as my mind wanders to planning a rather significant family farewell celebration for next weekend. As I ponder the impact of #1 son and his beautiful partner moving to the other side of the world … I pass a car with a CAM numberplate (yep, that would be his name). I smile and remember that we will never be too far apart !

Then… as if that’s not enough, within the next 30 minutes on the road I pass ‘MYK‘ (Mr 50 Something)  and ALI (#1 daughter) … WOAH!… (now this is starting to get a little weird).  All I can say is thank god I read number plates !!!

So… what ARE the chances ???…



feeling flushed…

19 Jun

I’ve mentioned in the past my delight at  noticing the curious words in my world… you know the ones that pop in your face as you go about your daily business…. street signs, advertising, graffiti, number plates…the funny flushthings, the incorrect spelling and the  cryptic messages.

But today I was struck by the number of signs in one toilet cubicle, reminding me how to complete my visit . Nothing clever or cryptic …. just completely bizarre.

This was no public facility, it was a staff loo in a not-to-busy office block… yet there were 3 large laminated messages staring me in the face reminding me to ‘check behind me’….’leave the toilet as I would like to find it’… and  to ‘flush’…I would have though it comes naturally for most people most of the time…. but clearly not !!!

I wonder why the sign poster would think that THREE signs will be more effective for the offender than just one??? or do three sign constitute yelling?  I was actually tempted me to walk out without pushing that magic little button at all just to show them a lesson.. because I just can’t stand nagging.



from the cradle to the grave…

18 Jun

It’s been said many times that small babies and our very elderly have a lot in common…and before I go on I must point out that I mean no disrespect to our much loved old folk…I am merely making an observation (about myself).keepcup

That observation is… that I suck when it comes to drinking from a feeding cup …and despair that in the future I may need to use one.

Here’s the thing… These days is is commonplace to grab a coffee on the run. In order to at least feel a little environmentally responsible, I carry my re-usable coffee cup rather than use the take away cup on offer… however I struggle to drink from it without wearing at least some of my ‘extra hot, double-shot, decaf, skim milk cappuccino’.

Let me explain… The lids of the ‘throwaway’ variety have a decent spout which helps to control the flow… but my reusable  ‘KeepCup’ has no such thing and I dribble …frequently. The lid has a small hole through which to sip, but the lip of the cup is missing too, doing nothing to enhance the drinking experience. Apart from the potential to scald oneself, there is also the frequent chin wiping (and associated make-up removal)  and risk of coffee stains on my clothes.

So, while I will persevere and put in plenty of practice before my time comes to check into a nursing home …I would just give a shout out to any ‘sustainable coffee cup designers’ who may be reading this and strongly recommend the reintroduction of the humble spout, for those of us who are  challenged when it comes to drinking our coffee on the run.



like a drip … I perform better under pressure…

17 Jun


As I have admitted several times of the past 173 posts…I am a procrastinator! there you go, one more time for the record… I PROCRASTINATE !!! 

I’m not proud of it… but hey, I’m not an axe murderer, it’s just that the more time there is to get things done the longer I leave them.  I’m not scared of hard work  or putting in the effort … I just tend to leave things until the death knell …repeatedly (but never seem to learn).

I know I’m not alone, and this behaviour will be familiar to many of you; but today I was thinking how completely opposite that is to my dear departed Mum. She was so organised and planned  that she would have birthday card and presents bought and wrapped about a month before they were needed…         (“you never know what might happen so you need to be prepared” ).… and she wasn’t even a Girl Guide !! Whereas me ?? well unless something shouts ‘BUY ME FOR… insert name here…’. then I’m very guilty of last minute shopping… BUT shopping is easily solved.

It’s things like doing the ironing as we’re getting dressed and running out the door …or finishing the painting before the guests arrive, that are slightly more problematic…. not to mention finishing this assignment.

YEP, the one that I’m writing now on another screen….(It’s not that I’m not enjoying the subject, I just keep procrastinating and finding distractions).

Today I took a couple of hours off work to get stuck into it. So far I’ve prepared dinner, cleaned the bathroom, checked the news, played my scrabble moves, posted on a forum, downloaded some photos and played with the dogs ….and NOW I’m writing to you!

But here’s the thing … I know all the tips, and would be a fabulous coach to anyone studying. I would be full of sage advice on planning and pacing oneself for the long haul … I think it’s a classic case of “physician heal thyself”…

At least my job here is done for the day ~ my daily ramble is written so it’s time to switch screens and actually get stuck into it…after all it was due a week ago! My very generous professor gave me an extension after my trip to hospital…along with the words “just get it to me when you can”…oh dear if only she knew!


damned if you do and damned if you don’t….

16 Jun

As the ill wind of winter blows it’s hard to know which way to duck to avoid the dreaded lurgy.  Now, while we Aussies can’t begin to appreciate a real  winter like our northern friends…we still have our fair share of coughs, colds and achy bits….and herein lies the problem…. At what point do we stay away from work?

Every day I have at least one person ask me when I lost my voice…(as they take a step back in horror and coldcover their mouth). When I respond with “oh… about 8 years ago… their tune changes and curiosity peaks; but the thought that I would dare come to work IF I was suffering from some sort of “bug” is clearly not too popular…. Bringing me back to the issue of ‘damned if you do and damned if you don’t’.

If you stay away people talk about you having ‘time off’ and letting the team down…..but if you go to the office they talk about you for ‘sharing the bugs’….So as far as I can see the only answer is to ‘mask up and suck it up’ (either that…, or work from home all winter).