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it’s my birthday and I’ll….

21 Oct

…do whatever I want ūüėČ

Around 11.45pm on¬†this day 56 years ago, a somewhat chunky baby with a thick mop of redhead babyred hair fell ( well almost) into the world. …not that I remember it, but it was one of those great stories that my Dad loved to share. (Had I waited just another 15 minutes they wouldn’t have been charged for an extra day in hospital… but no I was in a hurry), ¬†there was no crossing legs to save a few dollars where Mum was concerned.

Anyway the rest is history ….and here we are.

I’ve never been one to worry about age …after all it’s just a number and means very little, BUT I must admit to feeling just a teeny pang at having fallen into¬†the wrong side of ¬†my 5th decade.

55 was fine …neither early 50’s or late 50’s …. but 56 has just tipped the scales to the dark side, and, as was pointed out today …into the next check-box on most surveys. ¬†eeek ¬†(maybe I’ll just lie – rather than be categorised in the 56-70yr age bracket).

Anyway … life is good and certainly better than the alternative …. I’m still¬†50Something but not dead yet¬†!






round the S bend…

20 Oct

A little toilet tale with a twist …. I’m not complaining about lack of loo paper¬†or failing pelvic floor muscles, nor am I commenting on the cost of inflation hitting the humble toilet roll¬†…. or any other cubicle contemplation for that matter.loo cleaner 2No… tonight it’s all about cleaning…and where is YOUR ¬†line in the sand ?

After a good squirt of sweet smelling, disinfectant that’s guaranteed to ‘give your bowl that extra sparkle’... I proceeded to¬†¬†giving it¬†a good scrub. BUT in my enthusiasm, I lost the lid of the cleaning gel in the loo.

Without a moment of hesitation, I dived my bare hand in to retrieve said lid, before it vanished around the S bend …where it would be guaranteed to cause harm to our enviro-cycle.

It was a completely selfless rescue, no second thoughts at all, but it did make me wonder who would shake my hand if they knew?




broken dreams …

19 Oct

I have recently (like 3 days ago) discovered the magic of ‘White Tea’ … not the kind the you’ve added milk to… but the pale cousin of¬†green tea.

If you believe anything you read ¬†…

‘Lotus Peak White Tea is the pinnacle of sophistication with an unmatched subtlety, complexity and mellow sweet notes once reserved for Emperors and Nobility’¬†


(all I know is that it really does taste good)


Which is why I was so devastated to discover a teabag malfunction this afternoon….Having steeped for the requisite 3 minutes I headed to the quiet corner of the garden for my moment of indulgence. About to take my first sip I soon realised that the subtle, complex and mellow sweet notes¬†of sophistication had spilled forth into my cup.

BUT not to be beaten I managed to strain the warm brew through my teeth.

(probably not the way of the Emperors, but tasty nevertheless)

so…if you get a chance ~ join the nobility


false impressions ….

18 Oct

Tonight¬† I’m going to have a small¬†whinge … not a huge rant or a proper whine, I just need to express a little communication irritation.

Now those of you that know me, are fully aware of my vocal limitations and the unbelievable frustration that comes with my affliction …… BUT I’m not actually¬†talking about that. No, instead I’m referring to the false impressions we all get from people we follow on social media …the impression that they actually give a damn.

I’m not talking about friends or ‘regular Joes’… more like politicians, celebrities (not that I follow any of them), companies ¬†and social media influencers… you know the ones that want to demonstrate their popularity by the number of followers, and who post things in a way that makes them appear approachable and like they are your friend as they beam into your personal space… but who actively ignore messages sent TO them (unless of course it’s a complaint on public view…now that’s a different story)friends

I have had cause recently to tout for support for a worthwhile community venture, so I thought I would approach a couple of my social media contacts via a short and friendly private message… I’m not asking for money or anything grand, just the opportunity to meet and discuss a proposal ¬†face to face, explaining of course that I am real and not a troll, and that I come with… great intentions, a community spirit and credentials.

I’ve approached Local Members, the City Mayor, two radio stations and a number of ‘personality’ types… all of whom beam into MY face telling me their latest news and trivia …. yet NOT ONE has had the decency to respond … not even with a “I’m sorry you will need to contact my PA ~ I’m too important to talk to you”.

How is it that these relationships are so one sided ? First making us think we are friends …then ignoring all contact. I think I can feel the ‘unfriend’ button itching to be clicked. I’m sure THAT will show them that ¬†I mean business ;-)… I’m 50Something, but haven’t given up yet !!


friday finally ….

17 Oct

It’s been a big week…

out of order


due process…..

16 Oct

Today I was reminded what it felt like, waiting on a school report and getting invited to the Principal’s office to ‘discuss it’. I’m sure you know that feeling of anticipation and worry about kind of conversation lay ahead……

report cardWell ~¬†fast forward¬†¬†40+ years, and the report card verdict was handed down today. You see, we work in a time where professional development and accountabilities drive our workforce (at least in the one¬†that I work)… so an annual review is just part of the deal.

Now lets be clear, it’s not about begging or justifying a pay rise… or a juicy bonus to buy your new Porsche…. but rather an opportunity to look where you’ve been, where you’re going …… and how you rate yourself….( between 0-6 ) on your progress. (mmm I wonder if anyone ever gives themselves a ‘0’ ?)

Anyway, lets just say that after 2.5hrs I exited from the ‘Headmistress’s office’ with one hugely significant difference from the old school days …..There was NOT one comment that ¬†said I ‘talk too much’ ¬†(oh how I wish there was…..)

It got me wondering whether perhaps my lack of voice is directly attributed to all those years where I DID ‘talk too much’¬†….so ¬†just maybe that’s where I used all my words up ????? mmm now THAT would begin to explains things.!!




15 Oct

Is it normal to lock the bathroom door when there is no-one else in the house ?

…. just wondering…door lock



“x” rated landscaping

14 Oct

One of the huge challenges of growing up into a ‘50something’ is learning to accept the person who stares back from¬†the mirror.

I mean …. who IS that with the ‘not-so-taught-skin’, the nipples that now seem to prefer the view of the floor, the thinning eyebrows, the wobbly butt and the thickened waist… not to mention¬†the grey roots ? I think all of us ‘more-than- mid-lifers’ ¬† are familiar with, and happy to talk about these fairly confronting changes … but the one sign of ‘maturity’ that we tend not to discuss …is the greying of our pubes. (I told you this was “x” rated)

pubespubes 2

from this                                                                          to this

Over the weekend I shared many giggles about all things aging with my ‘50something’ friend ….and this topic soon came up. We agreed that there is no greater indicator that you are getting old, than thinning-grey pubic hair. I mean what can you do to disguise it ??? hair dye seems a little extreme and probably not real effective given the rapid rate of follicle replacement ….. Getting rid of it altogether ? well that’s an option I guess, but there is definitely the pain factor ….and then regrowth ….PLUS the fact that our skin aint as tough as it used to be … fronting up for a Brazilian may result in more than just the embarrassment of bearing all to some gorgeous young thing who is about to see just how old you really are!!!

Landscaping trends are a definite age defining fashion statement.

There are those (around our tender ages) that are happy to settle for the summertime edge trim … a ‘bit of a one-go’ with either the wax or razor to keep any ‘strays’ under control when at the beach or poolside…Yet our¬†younger generations are much more likely to make their fashion statement by whipping it all (or most of it) off entirely….to achieve a pre-pubescent look (that I personally find a bit disturbing).

It’s a fascinating topic but not normally one that gets much air-time …. so I’m happy to have thrown the gauntlet to all of you to embrace whatever fashion takes your fancy …. we may be 50Something … but we’re not dead yet.



flat out ….ironing

13 Oct

Tonight I’m feeling a little curious about my ironing technique…well not so much my ‘technique’ really …. more like my competence. You see for some reason I seem to be ¬†very hard on electric irons ….but¬†I’m pretty sure it’s not through over-use.

woman-ironing-in-kitchen2I noticed today that another one is about to bite the dust …. it’s not heating properly and not really steaming the way it should…and it makes me wonder if these days they are just¬†like other electrical domestic tools ….with built in obsolescence?

Unlike a few of my friends, I DO¬†still iron a few things, and while nothing compared to the ‘bad old days’ … it’s still my Sunday night ritual. So after spending almost an hour with my finger on the ‘power surge’ or ‘shot of steam’ button only to see the shirts looking like they have been slept in …. I figure I need to buy another one.

But here’s the thing ….what DO you do with old irons ? I figure it does still ¬†work, just not well. So do I ditch it? donate it or deposit it along with the last 3 that are tucked up in the linen closet (in case of an ironing emergency) ?

So many questions …. so few answers…



it’s snot fair….

12 Oct

Well, having survived this past crazy week then the huge weekend, I am braced and ready for the¬†¬†roller-coaster ride as I hit ‘start’ on this week’s chockablock calendar.

I’m poised and ready for all that it’s about to throw at me … but wait …is that a scratchy throat and sniffle?? NO…it can’t possibly happen !!! not THIS week …

I knew I was at risk when I was sitting in the chair at the hairdresser on Saturday.

While I was being preened and polished for the Ball…I was acutely aware of the young apprentice sniffing her way around my head as she applied tint to my roots. I’ve talked about this young woman with some horror before ….completely devoid of personality…and painful¬†at the basin…I really WANT to give her the benefit of doubt and attribute these lack of endearing hairdressing qualities to her youth ….BUT snorting and sniffing snot in my personal space is a BIT TOO MUCH !!

I did ask her if she was unwell and suggested that she grab some tissues and take a break …. then joked and asked her if she had a mask I could wear …but clearly she didn’t quite ¬†‘get it’. Whatever happened to good old fashioned manners ? when DID snot sniffing become acceptable??? …..and anyway, ¬†why couldn’t SHE wear the mask ???

Sigh….So it’s off to dose myself up …try to head this thing off ….while I wonder if I can sue for damages ???