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if a bargain seems to good to be true …it probably is…

3 Sep

Some good things come to an end all too soon.

shoes 2Like many women I harbour a passion for shoes, and a few weeks back I bagged myself a real bargain.  I came across the perfect ankle boots…they slipped on like a glove and felt as soft as slippers to wear… AND they were half price.

B_A_R_G_A_I_N !!  

So much so that I actually went back the following day to try and buy a second pair to have in reserve for when they wore out….but clearly others felt the same way and snapped them all up. Thank goodness I only ended up with on pair.

Having enjoyed the comfort for the past 4 weeks … (and smiled every-time I thought of the price)… they have now stretched so much that  I’m almost slipping out of them.. and one has developed an embarrassing ‘pfft’ sound with ever second step.

clip…’pfft’…clip…’pfft’…clip…’pfft’ ..shoes

I sound like a farting draft horse, and look like a duck as I waddle to keep them on. The funny thing is that they seem to have ‘let go’ all of a sudden, yet there is no sign of damage or fault that would justify me trying to return them ( I thought about it).

Lesson learned …. if a bargain seems to good to be true …. it probably is.

Damn, it looks like I better go shopping for some new ones !!



that line in the sand ….

16 Aug

We all have one …. You know, that ‘line in the sand’ that tells us what we think is acceptable, and what is just that ‘bit too far’. While I’m all for self expression, and daring to be a little different… today I saw something, that for me, just crept over that line.

old ladyYou see, I was sitting in a cafe and I noticed this very anglo elderly woman (high end 70’s by my calculations). She was seated with her side to me, but I noticed that she was wearing leopard print lycra tights. I had a little internal giggle and thought to myself ‘good on you’ ….I guess.

BUT when she turned I noticed that she had her nose pierced !! There she was sipping herold lady 2 latte with two sleepers sitting side by side in one very wrinkly nostril…and  I almost choked on my coffee.

I was reminded of the saucepan advert with the elderly woman sporting a tattoo on her arm ~ referring to ‘not-so-good’ decisions….. BUT piercings are so easily  removed (if you want to).. so my guess is that she was perfectly content with her look… again ‘good on her’.

I wonder what her grandchildren think ??….and does it even matter??… I guess!

P1000310The Pump House Restaurant Q station

canine couture…

12 Aug


Just when I thought I had seen it all when it comes to doggy haute couture

Coming home in the dark tonight, I turned the corner to see 2 men walking their dogs. All 4 ‘walkers’  were sporting high vis vests, complete with reflector strips. … and topped off by the miners lamps  on their heads.

As these four bobbing heads walked toward me shooting forth a blinding beam of brilliant white light….I couldn’t help but wonder what the poor pooches thought about their unusual fashion statement  ? Functional ? – perhaps ….. Glamorous ? – definitely not.



Surry Hills, Sydney

what’s in a label ?

6 Aug

How good is it, when one you score that perfect piece of clothing …. and you’re not even looking ? Not like that endless search for the ‘dream dress’, when you know exactly what you want and can’t find it ……I mean those opportunistic moments when you just ‘see it and have to try it on ‘ … and then you do,  AND it actually fits like a glove!!!

The dilemma begins …….Do I or  Don’t I ? – The voice in your head saying ‘no you don’t NEED another jacket’ ... and the other voice shouts ‘but it’s perfect’.shopping2

So, off I go for a long lunch and a bit more shopping to quell the voices, but I’m compelled to return right on closing time and try it once more. Then it happened.

You all know it ….it’s a familiar scene…the echoes of the shop assistant and other women in the change room all oozing compliments, and ‘you just HAVE to buy it’ ... bla bla bla.

The dilemma remained, and THEN I saw the tag …. it was XS ….. me ? extra small? that’s ridiculous.

But that’s when I realise it’s a ‘curvy girls’ store so I  guess that makes sense …. and bang my decision is made  I NEED to buy it, clearly that label matters.

Oh what complex creatures we are . .. (well dressed …but complex)



phew… it’s not just me …..

26 Jul

eyebrows are a worry everywhere …see what the fashion pundits are saying

you heard it here first

(I always knew I was a trendsetter… I’m 50 Something but not dead yet)


beauty in a bottle..or tube..or jar….

20 Jul

Back in the bathroom and reflecting on the tough world of womanhood.

There are products everywhere to…clean, moisturise, tint, tighten, straighten, add body, strip colour, whiten, hold and shine, deodorise and sanitise… and they just keep coming even when you don’t buy them. Sample products that all look like a great offer (everyone likes something for nothing …right?) …and a chance to try something new …(but rarely do).beauty-sweeps

On Wednesday I left the hairdresser with yet another tube of cream styling stuff … my reward for having visited 10 times….. I came home and added it to the collection, wondering why I couldn’t have just had a discount instead.

Now the challenge is to figure what tube does what each morning as I prepare to face the world…. Being ’50Something’   means having the glasses handy so that I can actually read the labels.

The last thing we want is to moisturise with a styling cream that adds body and bounce…..to my face!



back on the brow…

19 Jul

Way back in the early days of my year-long blog challenge, I made a number of observations about eyebrows…their purpose, their shape, their usefulness, and their contribution to finishing one’s face.eyebrows

Well here I am again, bemoaning the fact that mine are quickly disappearing. They have always been thin and fair…. but they appear to be fading into oblivion with my increasing maturity.

This past week has seen me searching each morning, to find those fine thread-like strands growing above my eyes…so that I could colour them in….you know, join the dots with a pencil from my palette before facing the world.

I’m not craving anything high fashion, nor expecting that the gods are about to smile on me and have me wake up in the morning with thick lush brows … all I want is to NOT look like the elderly women that we are all familiar with …you know the ones that draw a thin black arch over their orbits to replace what nature has so cruelly removed.