more on the question of landscaping…..

1 Nov

A couple of weeks back I commented about some of the tough decisions for us 50Something bikini waxwomen…and top of the pops was the extent to which one “mows the lawn” (if you get what I mean). Choices in personal landscaping are just that ….choices. I don’t care if you strip it all off… tattoo it… pierce it or leave it alone to go a’ la natural…. it’s your choice.

Yet when I popped into the beautician for an edge trim during the week, the sweet young thing asked me… not once or twice … but 3 times, if I wanted a Brazilian. I declined politely yet she persisted, so much so that I wondered why she was so invested in my bikini line.

When she finally got the message that I DID NOT want one, thank you all the same,  she then asked “well, what about I take some off the top  edge” ???

I know that it’s a cut throat world out there …BUT surely up-sizing the humble bikini wax seems a little desperate …. don’t you think?




Happy Halloween….

31 Oct


and the answer is ….a lemon….

30 Oct

I think all of you beyond the age of 40 will relate to the occasional lapse of memory …you know… the  struggle to remember why you walked into the room, or what you were looking for.

I know MY brain sometimes feels like a jam packed hard drive that desperately needs de-fragging… So sometimes retrieving the pertinent facts can mean a bit of mental gymnastics. But I was struck by the effort it took today to retain a head full of numbers and regurgitate them in the right order.numbers

Having filled the petrol tank, I needed to get in a queue to pay the cashier. While reciting the pump number, the odometer number and the PIN number for the fuel card…over and over, I inched closer … but not quick enough. The line was long and I was afraid someone would distract or speak to me and the numbers would fall out of my head,. never to be seen again.

Now I know you are probably thinking …‘why on earth didn’t you just write them down?’  but I was determined to challenge myself, thinking I can do it …I can do it…I CAN DO IT…. (but what if I get to the counter and lose the lot …..eeek)

P1000955I played games in my head and tried visualising the ‘look’ of the numbers …as the queue moved slowly in the right direction ….FINALLY when I got there the attendant wanted to engage in some small talk, and all I could think was ‘please no ….let me spit my numbers out first’ … and anyway I don’t ‘do small talk’. Next minute the lovely woman asked if I had lost my voice, so rather that try to explain, I smiled and nodded yes, to which she replied … ‘oh don’t worry I have lots of mute customers’ ... what the ??? ….please just let me punch these numbers out and get out of here.

Fortunately all the repetition paid off and I was able to perform when the keypad was put in front of me, but it certainly was a stressful 7 minutes.



just ticking along …..

29 Oct

watch battery 1Speaking of batteries last night, as we were… today I’m wondering how long they actually last?  Come to think of it I’m also wondering how they actually work !! Just one more thing that I realise I know NOTHING about,  and my life is past half way.

I mean when you think about it… how does all that energy get trapped inside the casing ? and then how does it not discharge itself until it’s put in place (maybe sometimes it does …. but you know what  mean).

This conundrum was triggered when I went to get a new battery in my wristwatch yesterday. The friendly young guy ‘in charge of replacements’, commented that it was a lovely watch, and how long since I had changed the battery?… I stopped and thought …actually NEVER.… but the watch is 5 years old, so how can that be ??

Think about it , a watch runs constantly 24/7 … not like other battery run goodies that may get used for short periods infrequently… Added to that,  the size of this thing was unbelievably small … smaller than any hearing aid power cell that I have every seen.

So I’m making it my mission to get some battery knowledge as a priority (maybe then I can keep myself going long enough  to write my blog every night)


flat batteries …

28 Oct

  big day …dyslexic fingers…brain fade…eyes closing…

good nightsee you next time ….I’m 50Something and tired …. but I’m not dead yet !!!

lucky 300…

27 Oct


Woo Hoo ~Today is the 300th day of the year !!

 …. “how on earth does she know that”? I hear you ask …or more likely …“so what”?

Well I know, because this is the 300th blog post this year… 300 peeks through the window and into the nonsense that goes on my head.

Back in the beginning… (January 1st to be exact) I made a commitment to write something…, anything, every day for a year. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and I guess on reflection it was… But while it does force you to stop and think about one random aspect of life every day ….it’s certainly not for the faint hearted.

  • I’ve learned lots about myself … and lots about what I need to learn about (… mmm like the truth about chickens and dolphins)
  • I’ve discovered an unusual number of my observations take place in toilets (like… where DO put your handbag?).
  • I’ve figured that there are themes in the things that catch my attention (eyebrows, bad spelling…and birds ..)
  • I’ve realised that there are an awful lot of coincidences in this life (what are the chances…?)
  • I’ve embraced the fact that I’m 50 something … but not dead yet !!
  • and I’ve understood that it doesn’t matter whether you know if anyone is reading … but how lovely it is when you get some random feedback… or bump into someone and the next thing they make a comment about something they enjoyed (or hated) …and I think “well there you go someone IS out there after all”.


So…. as I continue to tap away for another 65days, I I hate to say it … but that means it’s 59 days until Christmas !!!



raise you an eyebrow …

26 Oct

Sunday = maintenance day …and today it was all about eyebrows.

Those of you regular readers, will know that I have a fascination with eyebrows…My follicularly challenged  brow bones cause me to be somewhat obsessed with these useless bit of face furniture.  Lets just say, the words feeble, fine….and fair …are not understating my dilemma.

Feeling that a trip to the beautician was a bit over the top to tint my sparse offerings….I opted to do it myself. … but without warning ‘Mr 50Something’ not to come into the bathroom. All I can say is he thought Halloween had arrived a few days early when he walked in to discover ….. this …


After reassuring him that this was not a new fashion statement but a means to an end … he was fine. So after 10 minutes of waiting for the magic to happen I had the ‘big reveal’… only to find they are still awfully scrawny, but at least a few shades darker.



In my next life I want real eyebrows …..please!



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