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going nuts…

21 Jul

Mr 50Something and I have just recently decided to embrace the 5:2 approach to food…. you know the one where you (almost) starve yourself on two days and eat fairly normally on the other five.

But… in reality the starvation days are not actually starvation at all, with a reasonably generous 500cal to play with, so it’s actually quite manageable.

That is … IF you take notice of every single thing that goes in your mouth…and count it.nuts

In recent months I have embraced nuts as a generally good source of protein and hunger killer… but I was horrified today as I nibbled away on my hot fresh roasted hazelnuts, and discovered that a mere 100gms was MORE than my daily food intake (luckily I stopped at around 60gm…after I nearly choked when I saw the numbers….eeek)

Tell me who could possibly stop at 10-15 hot roasted hazelnuts in a day ?


beauty in a bottle..or tube..or jar….

20 Jul

Back in the bathroom and reflecting on the tough world of womanhood.

There are products everywhere to…clean, moisturise, tint, tighten, straighten, add body, strip colour, whiten, hold and shine, deodorise and sanitise… and they just keep coming even when you don’t buy them. Sample products that all look like a great offer (everyone likes something for nothing …right?) …and a chance to try something new …(but rarely do).beauty-sweeps

On Wednesday I left the hairdresser with yet another tube of cream styling stuff … my reward for having visited 10 times….. I came home and added it to the collection, wondering why I couldn’t have just had a discount instead.

Now the challenge is to figure what tube does what each morning as I prepare to face the world…. Being ’50Something’   means having the glasses handy so that I can actually read the labels.

The last thing we want is to moisturise with a styling cream that adds body and bounce… my face!



back on the brow…

19 Jul

Way back in the early days of my year-long blog challenge, I made a number of observations about eyebrows…their purpose, their shape, their usefulness, and their contribution to finishing one’s face.eyebrows

Well here I am again, bemoaning the fact that mine are quickly disappearing. They have always been thin and fair…. but they appear to be fading into oblivion with my increasing maturity.

This past week has seen me searching each morning, to find those fine thread-like strands growing above my eyes…so that I could colour them in….you know, join the dots with a pencil from my palette before facing the world.

I’m not craving anything high fashion, nor expecting that the gods are about to smile on me and have me wake up in the morning with thick lush brows … all I want is to NOT look like the elderly women that we are all familiar with …you know the ones that draw a thin black arch over their orbits to replace what nature has so cruelly removed.



where is the love ?…

18 Jul

Today is a very very sad day, and not one for nonsense or frivolity… but nevertheless it is a day to wonder.

To wonder at the senseless and stupid things that human beings are capable of….. the death of almost 300 innocent people mid flight simply defies  a scrap or logic or an ounce of humanity.

For a change, words fail me….I’m ’50Something’ ….and have nothing to say, except sorry to all of those grieving families.





panda eyes…

17 Jul

Carrying on in a similar vein as last night ….. I wonder at what point you TELL someone about a personal mess or clothing goof up???

You know the sort of thing… an open fly, dress tucked into knickers, spinach in your teeth, loo paper hanging out your pants…

Well….today I was in a meeting and I became a tad emotional, angry and upset . I wasn’t actually crying however a sneaky tear escaped one eye….before it quickly dried and things moved along nicely.

I left the meeting, chatted to a bunch of people in the hallway, had a coffee with a colleague… then went back to the car where I caught a glimpse of the ugliest panda eyes you can imagine. A huge smudge under one and a corner full of black goop in the other.panda eyes

Bloody hell, why didn’t anyone mention that I looked like a traffic accident ?? (while I was busy feeling quietly smug, as I was sporting my new, fresh hair-do). What does it take for someone (in this case, not even strangers) to give you a quiet whisper telling you to pull yourself together??

Anyway, lessons learned  …

1/ don’t save waterproof mascara for the summer swim season… and

2/ if I ever come across a sister (or mister) who is sporting some unsightly malfunction….I will tell them.

Would you ??


check out the backside…

16 Jul

How often do you stop to look at your back view before walking out of the house?

It occurred to me this morning, that I spend time putting myself together for the day…. You know, getting the clothes and accessories just right, blow drying hair and then painting my face with ‘layer upon layer’ of moisturiser, sun protection, foundation and blush….BUT I never ever look at what people see from behind.

average barbie

Lets face it 50% of the time we are viewed from our rear …so surely it deserves a little attention.

It’s worth checking to see if your skirt is caught in your knickers… you have unsightly undie lines with fat oozing around them…., or if your butt cheeks are eating your trousers… All very unattractive sights for the people travelling at the rear (and no matter how good the ‘front end’ looks …. an ugly backside will be a complete let down for your look).

It took 50 something years for me to appreciate the value of taking a peek back there…but hopefully it will help you prevent any embarrassing slip ups.



life according to Miss Piggy ….

15 Jul

Today I’m torn, and not sure what to wonder about…the possibilities are endless after a rather bizarre day at

So rather than pondering the nuances of human behaviour… you know, the good the bad and the ugly of office life…I think I’ll try a  Bex, a cuppa tea and a good lie down instead.

BUT … before take to my bed,  I am happy to report the outcome of our tightly controlled scientific observation of lunar patterns (see full moon madness & still mooning, a few days back)

I can finally confirm that YES, we have the same moon behaviour here in Aus as our friends on the other side of the globe… so if moon is full, so too is theirs. Phew… that took a few days to sort, but my foreign correspondent reported back today, with a full moon sighing over Barcelona 2 nights ago.

That’s one big issue sorted.


a spotlight on the spud…

14 Jul

I feel really lucky to live in a small semi-rural village , and work just 30mins away in the hustle and bustle of a city on the outskirts of Sydney.

Every day I drive 25 of those minutes along the river… through small farms and horse studs . It’s the perfect way to wind up or wind down from work (and it gives me plenty of ‘wondering’ time).

potatosDuring these winter months it’s cold and dark as I weave my way home along the lowlands… past the small farms and market gardens. So you can imagine my surprise when I came across spotlights and headlights in the middle of a paddock this evening.The field was lit up like a showground, yet I struggled to see what was going on at the centre of all the action… until I got a little closer and discovered a massive potato harvesting operation in full swing.

Who would have imagined ? 7pm in the middle of winter and there they were all hands on deck to get the spuds out of the ground. I couldn’t decide whether it was admirable or mad… but I guess when your spuds are done they’re done, and the market wont wait.

Just one more damn good reason that I’m not a farmer… (but thank goodness some people are… otherwise where would our chips come from?)




the day of rest…

13 Jul

Today I enjoyed my first real s-l-o-w Sunday in a long while.

No pressing commitments at all. It’s Uni break… so no assignments; no huge jobs staring me in the face (because I turned my back on them) and no need to please anyone but myself. ‘Mr 50 Something’ took himself off to watch his old soccer team (oops, re-phrase… ‘ex’ team. Yes they are veterans… but old is probably a bit harsh)… so I was left to my own devices.

I’d love to say that I used my time well and created something spectacular… or wrote something inspirational… but no, alas not…I just pottered!  You know, a little bit of this and a little bit of that…. a few domestic chores, caught up with a friend for coffee and washed the car. A completely stress free day really.

But, having this time to potter did prompt a couple of reflections on domestic life and how it’s change … I seem to recall that growing up in the 60’s & 70’s (back when more Mum’s stayed at home than worked)… every day was allocated to a particular task. There was even a kiddies rhyme to remind anyone who forgot their ‘job of the day’. I think it started something like …”Monday is Washing Day… is everybody happy? ” .. So I googled to find out what happened on the other days… and discovered.

  • Monday – Washing dayhousewives 1
  • Tuesday – Ironing day
  • Wednesday – Mending day
  • Thursday – Shopping day
  • Friday – Baking day
  • Saturday – Cleaning day
  • Sunday – Day of Rest – go to church

WOW … to be so organised!! but I can’t quite figure what they did with all the other hours in the day … surely you can’t ‘mend’ all of Wednesday  …. Can you?  I mean seriously…. every week ?? who has that many damaged clothes???

Maybe it’s just organisation envy on my part… as I reflect on my style, where it’s more like:

  • the washing getting done whenever there’s enough time to complete the cycle and get it hung on the line (where it might stay for a few days)
  • the oversized ironing basket contains a bunch of last season’s clothes (well we don’t need them for a few months so why iron them?)
  • the mending is limited to replacing a lost button (and can take weeks to get around to it)
  • the shopping is a ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ style (grab what you need to cook on the way home from work).
  • the baking only happens on special occasions or when I’m bored and feeling inspired.
  • the cleaning  is an ‘as you go’ arrangement… if it looks dirty you clean it.

Anyway I’m glad to see that I got today (half) right . PHEW … my dear departed Mum would be proud.


still mooning ….

12 Jul

So last night’s topic of the full moon has proven to be less silly than I thought it was….. with my ’50 Something’ lunch guests  debating the issue and also drawing blanks.

I guess it’s time to consult Dr Google … and to wait on a report from #1 son on the other side of the globe … (ohh…such a scientific approach)!

Always tackling the big issues ……