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what more can I say …..

21 Feb

friday night

liar liar …pants on fire …

20 Feb

So what’s the deal these days on profile pics ?


I know we all want to be seen in our best light, but I’m beginning to think that there should be a statute of limitations on the age of the photo allowed to be used in any public arena…I really feel for any ’50 something’ who is facing the online dating scene…, when the image of the ‘wannabe’ is potentially so out of date.

Today I had cause to meet a (real) guy that I have met online (fake guy) a year ago.

From the email  exchange (and the profile pic attached to it )  I had created an image of this person … and lets just say …he was a million miles from  that. 

In my case there was NEVER any romantic intention in this meeting…it was a purely professional interaction but very very weird never the less!! I couldn’t stop looking at him and wondering “how long ago WAS that photo taken?”  and it got me thinking about the hilarious stories of some single friends who are doing the online dating thing …. wow they’re brave.

I managed to stay focussed on our discussion and get passed thinking ‘liar… liar’ … but made a mental note to self ….. no photos over 12 mths old!!


wednesday wearies…

19 Feb

the clock is about to strike 12 and I am about to turn into a pumpkin …. so I think I will turn into bed instead.


apologies if you were hanging out for some scintillating nonsense tonight

“I’m 50 something …..and not dead yet”


birds of a feather…

18 Feb

What’s with birds today ? …. I mean, really ??? What AREcockatoo they trying to tell me?

Driving to work, I passed 2 dead on the side of a country lane. I guess that in itself is not so unusual … but as l took notice of their ruffled feathers I wondered how on earth the TWO had managed to meet an untimely end together.

A few hours later in the day I was in the car again, and suddenly I was  swooped by a bunch of Cockatoos …One rather large one flew straight at the windscreen, scaring the daylights (and a whole lot more) out of me and my passengers. How it managed to redirect its course at the last minute still makes me wonder… BUT thank goodness it did, or I may not be writing this tonight (no wonder they die on the roads).

Now wait…, there’s more….

Driving home along THE SAME country laneway as the morning’s discovery, I saw a small van in front of me, suddenly showered in feathers… clearly it had struck yet another a bird. Thankfully I didn’t see the end result of that one.

I know it’s all very weird… and not necessarily even blogworthy, BUT what is even MORE weird is that I wrote about the same small feathered creatures almost exactly one year ago!! doo-doo-doo  (check out the post on 14th Feb 2013)

Now I’m not suggesting that any, or all of this is a  ‘sign’…. but you’ve gotta agree it’s pretty darn odd.


some days it sucks to be a frog…

17 Feb

Driving to work minding my own business this morning and something very odd caught my eye. As the car in the next lane passed, I saw what looked like a leaf poking out the crease of the back side door; so after deciding it was no big deal, I continued to daydream and drive on.


That is…UNTIL the traffic slowed a little, and I found myself alongside the car. I looked closer and the leaf started to wriggle. Trying not to run up the back of the car in front, I was soon close enough to identify the suspicious site as a small tree frog that was trapped by his (or her… I’m not real good a sexing frogs on the move) left foot.


Feeling compelled to do SOMETHING I try to get the driver’s attention. I wound the window down and tried to yell across to him…a big ask for anyone at 40kph …but without a voice it was just NEVER gonna work.

Next, I thought I would jump out and run to his window when the traffic was held up. But I began to imagine how he might react to a ‘crazy voiceless woman’ running between the traffic and up to his window to say there is a frog hanging out of his door.

Clearly I thought about it a minute too long and the traffic began to flow.

So…I just headed to work, feeling a little sad but amused by the thought of the little guy hanging on for the ride of his life. Wherever he is tonight, I’d reckon he has one very sore foot. … It’s days like this I’m glad I’m not a frog.


the lost art of ironing

16 Feb

When I think back to my childhood, I remember the laundry being a feature of Mum’s life, something she took great pride in. Getting things soaked, washed, hung out to dry, back in and ironed all in the one day was a marathon that she ran with ease…. often competing with my live-in Nan for the gold medal.laundry

So why is it that staying on top of the ironing is such a hurdle for me ?? …how DID I miss out on the ironing gene?

I go through fits and starts… but anyone who knows me well, knows that there will always be one (if not two) baskets of clothes tucked away in the laundry somewhere waiting on their turn to be pressed and returned to their spot in the wardrobe.

Not really a big deal, until … 5 minutes before  time to walk out the door ‘Mr 50 Something’ has his heart set on  wearing a particular shirt …and it’s nowhere to be found.Chaos ensues and stress levels rise, until ‘said shirt’ is discovered in last month’s ironing pile …then the trusty appliance is heated and creases vanished, by which time we are running late. ….again!

Where’s Mum when I need her ? …



my Saturday evening post ….

15 Feb

my Saturday evening post ....

mmmmm, so what do YOU all have planned ?

I wonder just how many ‘baby boomers’ were conceived after a night like like this ???