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the end is in sight….

23 Dec

Counting down….and after tonight there are just eight posts to go til my ‘ year of the daily blog challenge ‘ draws to a close. Who would have thought it ??????

Will I be sad? Yeah……..but would I do it again? Welllll probably not…but I’ll stay in touch …,…..promise !!!


the challenge of an Aussie (wanna-be) culinary queen

22 Dec

It’s interesting when the most basic of kitchen basics become a challenge…Having already done battle earlier this evening, with the unfamiliar washing machine …(and won)… it was time for the super dooper  semi automatic fan forced oven…. but that’s  another story.

So, if you combine an unfamiliar language ..with unfamiliar ingredients (who would think copha or caster sugar would be hard to find?) in an unfamiliar kitchen full of unfamiliar appliances …then the degree of difficulty  is definitely a 10 (but so is the fun factor…after all.who knows what new creation will result?)

Fortunately all Christmas treats are new to the unsuspecting recipients…so there is no real risk of comparison or complaint…just the culinary honour of the entire Aussie population at stake. …….So my apologies in advance.


dodging danger….

21 Dec

Frolicking in the snow this past week has highlighted just how much I don’t know about living in colder climates….Like…what to wear? many layers are too many before you pass out in the shopping mall?…how come you feel snow before you see it?…and how does this fine sprinkling actually mount up to anything without melting (like it does when you try to catch it )?

Then there are the issues of safety…. I mean, apart from slipping on the icey pavement, I wonder just how many people are killed every year by falling icicles ????

These amazing long spikes dangle dangerously above the pavement just waiting for the perfect moment to lose their grip and spear through the brain of the unsuspecting passer-by. But despite the inherent dangers of walking down the street, surprisingly the statistics here are remarkably low….or so they seem….All you need is a quick search to reveal some of the more bizarre outcomes of living in such chilly climates.

But always keen to find the up-side I wonder whether there is a market for designer crash helmets…you know, for  shopping? Would they ever catch on do you reckon???




oh the irony……

20 Dec


wonder how the sales are going ?

more cubicle curiosities

19 Dec

I have been known to do some of my more prolifict ‘wondering’ in toilet cubicles.

I mean….you’ve got to  admit  there are so many things to observe in there. Things like…how easy it is to get between the door and the loo…  how handbag friendly it is…..the location of tissue paper (not to mention it’s choice and quality )…..half flush…full flush or self flush…..the list goes on.

BUT yesterday I was puzzled to note that the loo in the bar where we had lunch, was at the bottom of  a long steep and dark stairwell. I guess that…in and of itself, wasn’t such a big deal…but when I walked into the bathroom I saw the disability access cubicle.There it was well signposted and clearly designed to meet the needs of someone in a wheelchair…. IF only they could ever get to it !!

On my way out I spent  little time snooping around and looking for another entrance or secret elevator….but alas no there was nothing…zip,

So why was it there I wonder ?wpid-20141219121714.jpg

THAT feeling…

18 Dec

There I was, a free spirit in the snowy city, so I wandered along diving in and out of the boutiques then I just ‘fell’ into the beautician to have a little pamperingwpid-uv-free-gel-manicure-kit.jpg manicure. But halfway through, it occurred that I should check that the accept payment by ‘card’ ….everyone does….right?

Ba-boom …..wrong!

There I was with one hand done, struggling with my voice let alone the language….and feeling like a thief. I was just $10 short, but felt dreadful. With a fair bit of sign language the therapist offered that they have an ATM on site (a little odd), I approach it with relief…only to have it spit my card out, with the screen flashing ,… rejected !!!

With burning cheeks, I almost promise my first born grandchild as payment (sorry kids)….with the qualifyer that she may be waiting a while…but instead of that, I left my bootie of goodies with her and went in search of a real bank…

Thankfully my mission was a success after much sign language… and I returned to pay the rest of my debt with my head held high ….and the best looking nails in town.

I wonder what everyone else did for amusement today ….?


what’s in a number?

17 Dec

I’m inspired……while I have never wanted my age to define the way I think …look …or act….tonight I was reassured that fashion has no age limit.

My advice to 50something (or 60,70,80 or whatever something) friends everywhere is…do yourselves a favor and take a peek at the Advanced Style women …. I promise you will love them too.

Here’s looking at you