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oh the irony……

20 Dec


wonder how the sales are going ?


more cubicle curiosities

19 Dec

I have been known to do some of my more prolifict ‘wondering’ in toilet cubicles.

I mean….you’ve got to  admit  there are so many things to observe in there. Things like…how easy it is to get between the door and the loo…  how handbag friendly it is…..the location of tissue paper (not to mention it’s choice and quality )…..half flush…full flush or self flush…..the list goes on.

BUT yesterday I was puzzled to note that the loo in the bar where we had lunch, was at the bottom of  a long steep and dark stairwell. I guess that…in and of itself, wasn’t such a big deal…but when I walked into the bathroom I saw the disability access cubicle.There it was well signposted and clearly designed to meet the needs of someone in a wheelchair…. IF only they could ever get to it !!

On my way out I spent  little time snooping around and looking for another entrance or secret elevator….but alas no there was nothing…zip,

So why was it there I wonder ?wpid-20141219121714.jpg

THAT feeling…

18 Dec

There I was, a free spirit in the snowy city, so I wandered along diving in and out of the boutiques then I just ‘fell’ into the beautician to have a little pamperingwpid-uv-free-gel-manicure-kit.jpg manicure. But halfway through, it occurred that I should check that the accept payment by ‘card’ ….everyone does….right?

Ba-boom …..wrong!

There I was with one hand done, struggling with my voice let alone the language….and feeling like a thief. I was just $10 short, but felt dreadful. With a fair bit of sign language the therapist offered that they have an ATM on site (a little odd), I approach it with relief…only to have it spit my card out, with the screen flashing ,… rejected !!!

With burning cheeks, I almost promise my first born grandchild as payment (sorry kids)….with the qualifyer that she may be waiting a while…but instead of that, I left my bootie of goodies with her and went in search of a real bank…

Thankfully my mission was a success after much sign language… and I returned to pay the rest of my debt with my head held high ….and the best looking nails in town.

I wonder what everyone else did for amusement today ….?


what’s in a number?

17 Dec

I’m inspired……while I have never wanted my age to define the way I think …look …or act….tonight I was reassured that fashion has no age limit.

My advice to 50something (or 60,70,80 or whatever something) friends everywhere is…do yourselves a favor and take a peek at the Advanced Style women …. I promise you will love them too.

Here’s looking at you


down the drain…

16 Dec

As often happens when I find myself in new surroundings, I begin to ponder the small and obscure things…Today was no different.

We grazed over a slow delicious breakfast, the calm broken only by the occasionalwpid-20141215145619.jpg need to throw snowball out the window at the brick wall across the alley (..just because we could) and the conversation soon turned to mythbusting. The main focus was northern hemisphere Vs southern hemisphere ‘norms’ …and whether or not tornados twist in opposite directions; however given that was a little hard to prove in any kind of scientific way over brekkie….we opted for ‘which way does the water go down the drain’???? instead.

Easy!….you think ??

Well easy enough to prove which way it travels here, but do you think any of us true blue Aussies had ever bothered to take note @ home ? No…not one of us had a clue.

So if any of my friends down-under feel like filling the sink then draining it…we would appreciate our hypothesis being validated…..or I could just ‘google it’….

Oh …for the record it’s clockwise here in Montreal.


 (oops window crisis tonight ….aaargh)


bob’s place….

15 Dec

OK…so here we are…smack bang in the middle of a real live winter wonderland. Just like the movies and the storybooks …and about as far removed from the lead up to an Aussie Christmas as you could get.

Bob's Place

Bob’s Place

All our lives ‘downunder’, we’ve  lived with the images of snow covered cottages and Christmas Trees … But OUR reality is so much more about bbq’s beaches and tinsel draped on store bought trees or …better still, the branch of a gum tree…..same same but different….maybe ????

Anyway, after a sleep-in and slow start to the day, we wandered the neighborhood …..somewhere between 7 and 9 km (depending on whose iPhone you believe) … in and out shops, cafes and markets…watching dogs frolick in armpit deep white stuff ….drinking real Italian coffee (no I’m not demented…and yes we are in Montreal).  Then off to Bob’s place to share  wine and oysters with some awesome local hospitality….

So far only one crash on the ice… and that was the footpath not the skating rink …lol …but  thankfully no injuries AND it was before buying the bottle of wine…phew !


what the ‘denier’ does this mean ???

14 Dec

So … talking about the meaning of measurements (as we were some time ago) … today I found myself considering  the meaning of ‘denier’ … who would have thought, choosing a pair of tights would be so tricky ????

Today, as I got dressed to go out into the snow , I was faced with the decision of which which tights to wear … 15 denier, 40 denier or two pairs of 15 (does that make 30 ?) ….or even 300denier….. why is it so tricky ?

I want cover, but not too thick, sheerness but not too see through…. warmth but not too heavy ….what the hell does this denier mean ? ….. It’s way too hard, so I opted for the easy solution…… does it look and feel ok?

Who cares about tensile strength? or a single strand of silk (which is apparently one denier equal in weight to 124 of an ounce of yarn). The term microdenier is used to describe filaments that weigh less than one gram per 9000 meters….so what does this have to do with my tights????

Truth is …all I really want @ 50 something is warm and comfy…..


lost in space….

13 Dec

Having prided myself on only having missed one day so far in my 365 day challenge…it seems I ‘ve been beaten again by that dreaded international dateline. …

No matter how many times I did the mental gymnastics… travelling backwards to the other side of the globe has messed with my head completely. TECNICALLY  I had 2 chances @ 12th Dec….yet somehow its already 13th. For the record, I had a crack at one post an route….but, well…that’s another story.

I wonder if that’s where the saying ‘time flies’  originated from ?


thank god for ‘nerds’

11 Dec

As if life wasn’t busy enough today………..getting packed for our trip and sorting all those last minute Christmas bits before we run away…. BUT instead of getting on with it I spent 4hours of my life this morning with a nerd.

A very very pleasant nerd….but a nerd nevertheless.

I had waited a year to to see this nerdy neurologist.and despite the competing priorities I was happy to be drawn into his conversation and have him explain the most complicated concepts in a very reassuring and straightforward way. As I was locked in his words and listening  to his unusually squeaky highschool voice…I pictured him as the kid in the playground who sat alone with his text books engrossed in words instead of the world…….and I was really happy…(for him and for me). Thank god for nerds…

Now..4 hours of my life gone, but.that is box ticked…and it’s onward and upward ..(and back to the packing).


hurry up and relax

10 Dec

on the holiday time to think

hurry up

need to get packed so I can relax  (I have never looked forward to a long flight quite so much as I do right now )