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3 strikes…

10 Jun

Funny how suddenly out of the blue you can have a bizarre and strange run of good luck…luck

This time last week I was feeling more than a little ‘blah’ then it all changed … I opened my on-line scrabble game and my tiles had been dealt spelling me a 7 letter word without any need for thinking… SCORE !!! 100points !

Next day I put on a jacket to find $20 in the pocket…obviously tucked away safely since last winter…SCORE!!! $20 !

Finally, last night cleaning the accumulated road-rip rubbish from the floor of the car after our weekend away,  I reach under the seat to discover my work I.D badge that’s been lost for months …SCORE !!! (priceless given the hospital security that’s encoded…and my devastation at the thought of needing to report it lost…oops).

I wonder if I should buy a lottery ticket ?




caught like a rabbit in the headlights…

6 Jun

Travelling home from work on these short winter days, means that it is usually pitch black before I get to the sanctuary and warmth of my fireplace… BUT the blackness doesn’t stop the die hard joggers and walkers.

I was startled the first time I came across one, but have now come to expect those small bright lights bobbing up and down, and popping out from behind the bushes on the quiet country laneways.headlight3

I wonder if these die hard runners by night, masquerade as ‘miners’ or even more interesting, gynaecologists by day? mmm?headlight 4

These miners ‘headlamps’ light up the the way with enough luminosity to blind the oncoming traffic….perfect for the jogger …but not so fabulous for the one being jogged at.

 So if you happen to be one of these culprits, perhaps it’s worth checking to see if you have a dimmer switch before you blind a driver and end up on the tar next to the flat rabbit.


what’s in a name ?

5 Jun

namesTonight’s nonsense is one of those stories that sound to odd to be real… but I swear on my keyboard it is the truth…. trust me I’m a Nurse…(well I was once).

Here we go…

You probably recall learning that WAY BACK that surnames originated from your occupation …  if you made barrels you surname would become Cooper, if you played with wood you would likely become known as Carpenter, if you were part of the constabulary you might be called a Constable…. I’m sure you get the picture.

But I wonder how that translates in the modern world … I mean is our name a self fulfilling prophecy ??


Back in my school days I knew of a woodwork teacher called Mr Nailor, and a technical drawing teacher called Mr Drew. Later when I went nursing I met a girl called Joy Nurse.. (true) and what’s even funnier is that she was awarded “Nurse of the Year” so she became Nurse Nurse~ Nurse of the Year…then graduated and became Sister Nurse (yep..that’s telling, … but I remember I AM 50 Something)…. No doubt the list goes on … But why am I writing this ???

Well…because you see, today I sent an email to make an enquiry about the cost of  hiring a ‘snow machine’ (but that’s another story)… I near fell over when the reply came from Dean Sunshine …. SERIOUSLY!! (see the screen snip from my inbox).

dean sunshine

Now I just wonder if he got into snow because of …or in spite of… his name ???  Either way it was the highlight of my otherwise dull day, so thanks Mr Sunshine, you made me smile.


it’s all in the ‘ism’…

21 May

Now… I know that I made a commitment to this blog not becoming a whingefest nor a place for negativity … but rather a lighthearted look at some of the more amusing aspects of human behaviour and daily life.

So I will keep this brief…..optimism1I feel like this week has been full of cynicism, scepticism and pessimism.

If you look at local (Australian)  politics over this past week …it is completely understandable … BUT… I feel like it’s permeating each and every conversation and even impacting on normally balanced and healthy relationships.

It’s time to dig deep and find the optimism, positivism, idealism and enthusiasm (I know that’s an ‘asm  ….but you get  the picture).

We’re ‘a long time dead’ …so need to get on with it and suck up some ‘life-ism’ IMG_9260

let them eat cake…

20 May

Sitting in a cafe waiting for a friend and I stare in disbelief at those ‘perfect’ cakes in the rotating refrigerator. They looked amazing… almost TOO amazing…. like the goodies from the Cheesecake Shop only far more glamorous … How can they be so meticulously crafted ? (how can every one of them come out of the pan with straight sides and ironing board flat tops?).cake

Anyway .. back to the rotating fridge… I began to wonder how long they last? I’m sure I saw the exact same specimens in that glass display yesterday (and they were probably there the day before ~ but I wasn’t).

It got me wondering …. what IS the statute of limitations on a cafe cake? … and who has the job of actually disposing of something so luscious when it’s technically past it’s use-by date?



14 May

As I have mentioned several times … I’m a ‘words’ person not a ‘numbers’ person.

So whenever I am out and about I can’t help but notice the them  … signs, numberplates & adverts ….words are everywhere, and where they’re  not  there  I make them up  (sounding a bit like a Rainman now eh?) .

But I often wonder how many other people read what they THINK they see rather than what’s  really there….you know  like seeing  ‘shopfitters’  …. but reading  ‘shoplifters’ ???.. go on admit it, you know you do…(I hope).shoplifting

These days though, there is the added challenge of working out cryptic business names…. you know the ones that someone (often when they were drunk) thought were  really ‘funny’ or clever names and they  turn out to be completely obscure or lame in the light of day.

My favourites are the ones that run the words together into one long nonsensical word. Not like a portmanteaus which can be clever (think ‘labradoodle’ or ‘californication’) ….but more like a  wordsaladorjumblewordstryingtopull  them apart at the right spot to see what is actually there.

Today I followed billthewindowman.. and had myself convinced that it was something to do with a blind woman… mmm I wonder how much business you get if people can’t figure what your name is?




6 May

Instead of heading to the office today – I set off on the train to the city for a series of meetings. Now, while I know that I would soon get sick of the long daily commute, for the odd change of pace it’s actually quite enjoyable….plenty of reading (or snoozing) time and fantastic for people watching.

On the way in to town, I was entertained by the 45minute telephone conversation of a very loud and self important business man.phone man

I learned all about his  project…who the partners were and which ones were responsible for the delays… their travel plans, AND their strategies to come in on budget…. the only problem was that he got off the train just as it got exciting and he started to discuss the swanky nightclub party to launch it …. Bugga, I would be there for sure… !! 

My return trip was much quieter, but full of visual treats as I peeked into thedog backyards of the suburban homes that line the train tracks. There is something very odd about peering into people’s yards (it’s kind of voyeuristic)…., and it makes me wonder who they are and what their story is.

I can tell you that there will be one very unhappy family who will return to find their bed-sheets torn from the clothesline by their small, furry and very bored puppy …hilarious to watch …. but somehow I don’t think they will be laughing. …I would love to be a fly on the wall for that homecoming….oops.





up up and away…

26 Feb

There’s no place like an airport for watching people. .. (although I do love a hospital foyer too).airport

Actually ‘I love to watch’ any-time, but there is something extra special about an airport. The extremes of emotion as  people return… arrive…. or depart; and the back stories that you never know, BUT are great to make up.

You know the sort of thing (pondering) I bet they are …”honeymooners” …”a wealthy tycoon” …. “a celebrity” …OR…  is she a  “mail-order bride”?

It’s also a great place to study travel fashion and ‘how NOT to dress’ on a long haul flight….and to wonder …how DO some people emerge from that tunnel looking like they just stepped out of the shower, and yet others look like they’ve been sleeping in a park bench for a week.

I reckon if I had a favourite place to ‘hang out’ and watch the passing parade …this would be it.

(But it’s even better when I actually get to board a plane and become one of them).


the sky’s the limit

1 Feb

Yesterday  I was driving between offices  when I noticed some graffiti going on … Not on a fence or a wall but on the clear blue sky.  The perfect background became the canvas for a touching and personal message to D.K, who is clearly no longer with us… BUT it immediately struck me that sign-P1120591writing with a jet, is a rather extravagant and inexact  way to get your sentiment across.

The more I watched it unfold (while driving carefully of course) my mind began to boggle.

How DO they do it ? I mean it’s hard enough to write straight on a piece of paper without any lines ….so imagine being in a plane and trying to get your letters to line up, and be legible.

Then there is the timing …if the message is long, the  start is almost ‘on its way out’  before the sentence is finished…and what about the wind ??  It would really give you the shits if you got half way and the wind picked up and blew it all away.

What fascinated me even more with this particular message was that while it was being created  it looked like group of horizontal lines one above the other …THEN 5 minutes later  when I arrived at my stop and looked up it was clearly visible across the sky as “I’ll be missing U”.

HOW ? did the wind blow it into position? or did the earth rotate in that 5minutes? or did I just move to look at it from a different angle?                                                     

I have NO idea how it works … but I guess the dear departed D.K is lucky to have someone creative, clever and wealthy enough to make such a grand… but temporary statement on the sky.



a little click goes a long way

31 Jan
if winners are grinners... this is me tonight.

if winners are grinners… this is me tonight.

I was having an average kind of Friday  ….just cruising along this afternoon and doing what I’m paid for; when my phone rang. Nothing unusual in that…except, for those of you who are not aware … I don’t ‘DO’ the phone (due to a voice disorder), but that’s another story.

I let it go to message bank, but when I cleared it…  wow did my day change!!!

I’ve never won anything really…I mean, I have known people who have won a little something here and there (even one somebody who manage a significant lottery win) … but ME ?? NEVER.

I’d forgotten all about the competition… it was a few weeks back and all I did was ‘click’ a box while I was buying some theatre tickets and now .. well, let’s just say a little click really does go a long way…New York City here I come!!