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if a bargain seems to good to be true …it probably is…

3 Sep

Some good things come to an end all too soon.

shoes 2Like many women I harbour a passion for shoes, and a few weeks back I bagged myself a real bargain.  I came across the perfect ankle boots…they slipped on like a glove and felt as soft as slippers to wear… AND they were half price.

B_A_R_G_A_I_N !!  

So much so that I actually went back the following day to try and buy a second pair to have in reserve for when they wore out….but clearly others felt the same way and snapped them all up. Thank goodness I only ended up with on pair.

Having enjoyed the comfort for the past 4 weeks … (and smiled every-time I thought of the price)… they have now stretched so much that  I’m almost slipping out of them.. and one has developed an embarrassing ‘pfft’ sound with ever second step.

clip…’pfft’…clip…’pfft’…clip…’pfft’ ..shoes

I sound like a farting draft horse, and look like a duck as I waddle to keep them on. The funny thing is that they seem to have ‘let go’ all of a sudden, yet there is no sign of damage or fault that would justify me trying to return them ( I thought about it).

Lesson learned …. if a bargain seems to good to be true …. it probably is.

Damn, it looks like I better go shopping for some new ones !!




what would Colonel Sanders think ?

2 Sep

Today I had a conversation with one of my rural  ‘study buddies’ that made me stop and wonder ….

We were talking about life on the land and some of it’s trickier aspects, particularly in relation to the weather. There is no doubt that a farming life is not for the faint hearted. Day in… day out, the work is relentless and so often thankless, but then I got to thinking about the animals…in particular the chooks.cold chook

My friend was telling me about a recent and sudden cold snap that saw temps plummet to -6deg, unprecedented in the area. She went out to feed the chooks only to find their water frozen solid yet THEY were busy clucking and laying like it was any other day.

How IS that ? I mean their frail little bodies have hardly any insulation, not to mention their scrawny legs and feet…. and while they wear their feather coat, it’s hardly made for sub frozen chookszero conditions.

Then there are the eggs, what stops them from freezing solid? I know that they are being sat on … but seriously those outside temps cannot be good for them.

Clearly there are a range of farm animals that need to deal with these adverse conditions …but somehow my mind could not go past the image of a small frozen hen trying to please it’s owner despite the potential frostbite…I’m guessing that the supermarket freezer cabinet would almost be a relief.


more ornithological observations

27 Jul

Some of you may recall my recent mumblings about the odd behaviour of a bunch of unidentified, and somewhat nondescript birds. There they were, huddled together on the electrical cable high above the middle of the river, presenting me with a  whole lot of unanswered questions… most of which remain unanswered (and forgotten… along with the birds).birds

That is… until today.

This morning as I crossed the river, I looked upstream where the sky was clear, the river still…and there was not a bird in sight. BUT when I looked to my left the fog was settled low on the water and the surface was littered with small dark creatures who appeared to be hiding in the thick of the fog.

Now I don’t know about you, but this makes me wonder what goes on in their tiny bird brains. So, you guessed ….I ‘googled it’ .

I discovered more than I care (or need) to know about bird intelligence… and while I now know that many are capable of counting… I still don’t know what this odd fog dwelling behaviour was all about (when clearly I would have chosen the sunny side of the bridge).

BUT…It’s Sunday night and no doubt the busy week ahead will mean that these big bird issues will soon be forgotten… along with the weekend.




who am I ? ….really?

24 Jul

Tonight’s musing is in a similar vein to last night … but without the ‘risky twist’.

I want to share another story of vehicle incongruity ….. As I said last night I love the colour and  richness that cultural and religious diversity brings to our day …and today was no different.

Today, when I was in the carpark of a very multicultural suburb in Sydney’s western suburbs I spied a small car with religious decals on (almost) every window … you’ve probably seen them…stickers depicting  rosary beads, crucifix, hands lady praying …even a silhouette of Jesus himself.

rosary 3rosary 2cross

You can imagine my surprise, amusement and delight when I walked past the car to spot hot pink car seat covers with “playgirl” plastered across them …



I’m wondering if there is a clash of identity going on here ? or simply a struggle for the playgirl to shake the shackles of her rosary beads??



beauty in a bottle..or tube..or jar….

20 Jul

Back in the bathroom and reflecting on the tough world of womanhood.

There are products everywhere to…clean, moisturise, tint, tighten, straighten, add body, strip colour, whiten, hold and shine, deodorise and sanitise… and they just keep coming even when you don’t buy them. Sample products that all look like a great offer (everyone likes something for nothing …right?) …and a chance to try something new …(but rarely do).beauty-sweeps

On Wednesday I left the hairdresser with yet another tube of cream styling stuff … my reward for having visited 10 times….. I came home and added it to the collection, wondering why I couldn’t have just had a discount instead.

Now the challenge is to figure what tube does what each morning as I prepare to face the world…. Being ’50Something’   means having the glasses handy so that I can actually read the labels.

The last thing we want is to moisturise with a styling cream that adds body and bounce…..to my face!



a spotlight on the spud…

14 Jul

I feel really lucky to live in a small semi-rural village , and work just 30mins away in the hustle and bustle of a city on the outskirts of Sydney.

Every day I drive 25 of those minutes along the river… through small farms and horse studs . It’s the perfect way to wind up or wind down from work (and it gives me plenty of ‘wondering’ time).

potatosDuring these winter months it’s cold and dark as I weave my way home along the lowlands… past the small farms and market gardens. So you can imagine my surprise when I came across spotlights and headlights in the middle of a paddock this evening.The field was lit up like a showground, yet I struggled to see what was going on at the centre of all the action… until I got a little closer and discovered a massive potato harvesting operation in full swing.

Who would have imagined ? 7pm in the middle of winter and there they were all hands on deck to get the spuds out of the ground. I couldn’t decide whether it was admirable or mad… but I guess when your spuds are done they’re done, and the market wont wait.

Just one more damn good reason that I’m not a farmer… (but thank goodness some people are… otherwise where would our chips come from?)




driving blind…

10 Jul

How is it that you can drive the same route every day… yet not actually see what’s going on?

As any regular followers will know, I often comment on the quirky, nonsensical and useless things that catch my attention while driving to or from work… You know, the ‘odd’ numberplate, bad spelling on a street or shop sign, crazy pedestrian behaviour…. anything really.

So you can imagine my own surprise when today I noticed a brand new house en route …  I have never seen it before, yet it’s clearly been under house buildingconstruction for many weeks if not months.

How does that happen?

Now I’m not talking about a new project home in a housing estate …. I’m talking about semi-rural living where generously proportioned homes take prime position on small or medium sized acreage. I know I’m driving to the conditions and attentive on the road; but it seems that somehow the busy and often odd thoughts going on in my brain must block out the more ‘routine’  sights along the way.

I can tell you about the cat laying in the window of a house I passed …. yet I can’t see a house …go figure!